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Monsters of the River

Monsters of the River

There are two type off monsters in the waters of Mythica, and specially in the Dark Street. There is the Sea serpent and the Giant Squid.

Sea Serpent

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The Sea serpents are great animals of almost 8 meters long and 2 meters thick. They have dark gray or brown scales and bright yellow eyes. The females have great horns on their heads.

Perception & Sensory

The Sea serpents are great swimmers, even remarked as the best. They have a great sense of smell. The Yellow Pearl Hunters used the serpents because of their speed, they can reach the speed of 35 km/h.

Giant squid


The giant squid is an animal with eight arms. They can reach the length of ten meters, arms included. They have an orange red skin color. The arms are lined with hundreds of suction cups.

Perception & Sensory

The Giants Squids are incredibly strong, they can pull a ship twice its size. Filled with passengers, cargo and crew. The Squid is not as fast as the sea serpent. But the Yellow Pearl Hunters are also using this animal to search for not washed ashore oysters, while the pulling the ships.

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Beasts of Burden

The Monsters of the lake are used, to pull the ships from the main island to the lone island. Or to another port for faster travel. At least that was how it was done before a sea serpent rebelled against a sea master. Near the shores of the now called Cursed Island, coursing the great flood and the death of hundreds of people. Now the use of these animals are forbidden, and the hunt for yellow oysters is practiced on land.  

Hunting the monsters

  The hunt for oysters underwater is shifted to hunting for the hunt of the monsters of the river. This is led to a believed near extinction off both species. Only not every ship comes back when it goes hunting.  


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