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Dark Street


by Michelleraponi
The Dark street is a channel of salt water between the land of Mythica and the Lone Island. The street is connected to two sees, the Tempera Sea and the Safhirus Ocean.

Quick Facts

  • It is 560 kilometers long
  • 240 kilometers wide
  • 1.7 kilometer deep
Twenty ships with cargo are sailing on this sea daily. 40 hunters ships are assisting the merchant ships to sail safely. There are six ports on the street, on the side of Mythica, and two on the side of the lone island.

Why is it called Dark Street

The origin off the name is lost, but people believe this is because dark blue water is the reason. The creatures of the deep also added to the name, with the many hunting and the lives lost add the Street, it is not strange that some people call it the Bloody street.

Creatures of the Street

by davidfoxx
In the seas are living many creatures, some off them are considered Monsters. Like the Giant Squid and the Sea serpent. They were not always seen as monsters, they were just to pull ships through the street. Because the sail was not invented yet. But after a Sea serpent revolted against his masters and causing a tidal wave, this practice was abandoned. But this meant that the creatures are swimming in the street, it is not recorded that they attacked the ships, but people just wanted to be safe. This is why there are hunters hunting these monsters and assisting merchant ships, in the Street.
by astoko


Information that normally would end up in sidebar


Salt water channel between two separate lands.

Owning organization

Yellow Pearl Hunters

Parent Locations

the Tempera Sea and the Safhirus Ocean.


Cover image: by Mysticsartdesign


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