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Yellow Pearl Hunters

What are they doing

Like the name inclined, the Humans of this culture are hunting Yellow Oysters for their yellow Pearls. These pearls they use to make special jewelry.

Day to day live

Both man a woman stand up before the sun shines on the Dark Street. They go to the nearby beach to look if some oysters are washed on shore. They collect as much as they can. When the sun is high up in the sky, the hunters go back to their houses and crack them open. Mostly there is only the poor shell dweller inside. The shell dweller is then removed from its shell and is going to be prepared for dinner. If there is a pearl inside, the finder removes the expensive ball and robes it in a cloth until it sparkles. The shell dweller is then again remover from its shell for dinner. The shells are also used, the hunters sharping the edges up until they are sharp enough to cut to cloth.

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A Yellow Pearl is exactly a kidney stone of the yellow oyster. Who has a golden yellow shell. The shell dweller is silver white and is very tasty in oyster soup.


After all the pearls are found, a hunter drills with a small hand drill a hole in it. Through the hole goes a golden colored string, this is done until there is a neckless, a bracelet or earrings. Which is the main export product of the hunters. People all over the world are wanting those expensive balls.  


  • Pearl Neckless
  • Pearl Neckless Silver Hanger
  • Pearl Neckless Gold Hanger
  • Pearl Neckless Black Moon
  • Pearl Bracelet
  • Pearl Bracelet Silver Hanger
  • Pearl Bracelet Gold Hanger
  • Pearl Bracelet Black Moon
  • Pearl Earring
  • Pearl Earring Silver Hanger
  • Pearl Earring Gold Hanger
  • Pearl Earring Black Moon
  • 50 gold pieces
  • 75 gold pieces
  • 95 gold pieces
  • 150 gold pieces
  • 15 gold pieces
  • 50 gold pieces
  • 65 gold pieces
  • 140 gold pieces
  • 25 gold pieces
  • 50 gold pieces
  • 75 gold pieces
  • 125 gold pieces
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Naming Traditions

Parents are giving their names that are resembeling nature.



  • Alan
  • Marino
  • Quest
  • Cornelian
  • Quarry
  • Glenn
  • Marine
  • Raven
  • Crescent
  • Acacia

Important Festival

The Black Moon Festival is the most important festival off the hunters. When the moon is covered up by the sun, the harvest of oysters is far greater than normal. Only this happens only once in ten years. The pearls harvested during this period are made into the expensive jewelry, which can only be afforded by rulers, rich rulers.  


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