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Yellow Pearl

What is a Yellow Pearl

by Canva

A Yellow Pearl is exactly a kidney stone of the yellow oyster. Who has a golden yellow shell. The shell dweller is silver white and is very tasty in oyster soup.

Where is it found

The Oysters are found on the yellow pearl beach, near the Yellow Pearl Town. This is the main reason the town is what it is today. The Oysters are also found in the Dark Street, but the hunters can't get to them. They used to when they still used Monsters of the River, and mainly the giant squad. But after the flood, the practice of using the monsters was abandoned

Additional goods

Because not oyster has a pearl in it, but it is still a guess in which oyster a pearl is hidden. So the Yellow Pearl Hunters came up with the idea to cook the shell dwellers into a soup and sell that also. The shells are used to make knives.

Husband and wife at Purple Heart pearls.

Darling, how do they look on me?
You look lovely, dear, like always.

Price list
  • Pearl Neckless
  • Pearl Neckless Silver Hanger
  • Pearl Neckless Gold Hanger
  • Pearl Neckless Black Moon
  • Pearl Bracelet
  • Pearl Bracelet Silver Hanger
  • Pearl Bracelet Gold Hanger
  • Pearl Bracelet Black Moon
  • Pearl Earring
  • Pearl Earring Silver Hanger
  • Pearl Earring Gold Hanger
  • Pearl Earring Black Moon
  • 50 gold pieces
  • 75 gold pieces
  • 95 gold pieces
  • 150 gold pieces
  • 15 gold pieces
  • 50 gold pieces
  • 65 gold pieces
  • 140 gold pieces
  • 25 gold pieces
  • 50 gold pieces
  • 75 gold pieces
  • 125 gold pieces

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