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First Pearl hunt



by ELG21

  Every child, boy and girl, at the age of 13, in the Yellow pearl village goes on this hunt. Only one adult goes with them, the rest are taking a day off. The childeren learn from the one adult how to recognize the yellow oysters, between the yellow sand. Every child dreams off bringing home a giant pearl.    
Mother, just wait and see. I will bring home a giant pearl.
— Child to his mother


After the first hunt

by moritz320

After the hunt, the childeren are learning to get the pearls out of the oysters. The first pearl that every child finds, is their own to keep. The parents are often making a neckless with the single beads.    



The first hunt finds place on the longest day of the year. Every child, who are become the 13 years of age, must preform this hunt.  


The pearls are found on the Yellow pearl beach. A Yellow Pearl is exactly a kidney stone of the yellow oyster. Who has a golden yellow shell, the shell dweller is silver white and is very tasty in oyster soup.

by Canva


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