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Yellow Pearl Town


Yellow Pearl Town was first a little town with ten houses and ten families, but when the industry of Yellow Pearl jewelry picked up, the town grew. Now the town is one of the greatest cities, with a few little jewelry stores. The largest store is the Purple Heart pearls.

Map and Districts

East District

The East district is the newest district of the city, in this district living the middle class citizens of the town.  

Moon Gate

The Moon gate is slightly older. In this district are living the hunters, shop workers or the Sailors.  


This is not so much a living district, there are some houses but it is mostly shops. Like the Purple Heart pearls. The headquarters of Monster Hunters is also in this district.  


Southside is the largest living era of the town, it is also the oldest part of the town.  

Lost Road

Here are living the richest citizens of Yellow Pearl town.
Yellow Pearl Town


The largest form of trade is the jewelry, and Oyster soup. The industry is large and keeps the town alive. For more information read : Yellow Pearl Hunters

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Fishermans village

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Yellow Pearl Hunters

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