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Nox Umbrias


Nox was born in Yellow Pearl Town, his parents owning one of the major jewel stores in the city. Nox went on the First Pearl hunt with the rest of the other children of the town. There he met his two friends, Leonidas and a named girl, Teala. The three were inseparable. Nox even fell in love with Teala when he got older. He didn't know that Leonidas also loved Teala. When he at one night alone with her she contracted Mystic Cough. But she didn't tell anyone, after one week she died. Nox didn't contract the illness, so he was quickly blamed for her death, and specially by his former friend Leonidas. The accessions were even that strong that he needed to flee from his hometown. Where he is now is unknown, but the whole Mythica is looking for him.

Raven wakes up in a house unknown to her, and when she looks out the window, she sees nothing familiar. She searches the empty house, but no one was there. The doors and windows were locked. She thought it's better to go back to the room where she had woken up and wait there for someone to come. It wasn't until the full moon began to shine. The man in black appeared in the room and introduced himself as Nox.

Dark brown
Half long Raven Black
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
1,79 meter
90 Kilogram

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