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Leonidas Muliades (Loenidas Mull-ia-deas)


Leonidas grew up in the Yellow Pearl Town, his parents owning a large Oyster soup restaurant. Where he worked at a young age, when he was thirteen he went on First Pearl hunt, with other children of his age. There he met the beautiful Teala and Nox Umbrias. From the moment he laid his eyes on Teala he was in love. His heart and ego took a hit when she expressed her feeling towards Nox. Leonidas did his best to be a good friend for the two, but he became bitter towards his best friend. When Teala became sick and died, he blamed Nox for her death. Nox fled and Leonidas went after him, but never found him.  


Leonidas ended up in Volubteam where he tries the last couple of years to forget his pain, by drinking and whoring. Every girl in the pleasure town wants to be with him, at lest that is what he thinks. When he set his sights on Raven the daughter of the Yard owner, she refuses him.


Leonidas was inspired of the Gaston character in Disney's Beauty and the Beast.

Current Location
Half long brown
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Little Tanned
1.80 meter
90 kilogram


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