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White Raven


A rare rose blooms between the weeds, an innocent on the run. The abandoned city no longer abandoned, the untamed tamed. The truth will be revealed and a curse broken   Danger is not a stranger to Raven, she lived with the fear for her life ever she was old enough to be noticed. Jealousy can drive people far, even to murder. But when she was at the receiving end of an attempt on her life. She was saved by an unknown stranger.   A stranger who hides in the shadows and under the cover of night. Can she trust him, or is he also someone she needs to fear?

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April 4th 2024  

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Nathalia Books

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Purpleheart Publishing


Item | Jul 19, 2021




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Purpleheart Publishing

Purpleheart publishing is the name Nathalia Books gives to her Indy work. Working at a kitchen table with a good cup of coffee, the books come together.

About the author

Nathalia Books is a dreamer and turns these dreams into stories. Each with their own world and charm, she prefers to write all day long and she loves to forget the world around her. Her worlds take you to deserted places and unknown cities. She introduces you to unknown races and beliefs.


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