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Purple Heart pearls


by babylass

This is one of the biggest jewelry shops in Yellow Pearl Town, it is also the most famous shop in Mythica.It is owned by the Umbrias familiy, the shop has being in the family for generations. The next in line to inherit the store is Nox Umbrias.Founding Purple Heart Pearls The store started in the living room in the year 201 After Flood. And it is grown to a bigger shop that everybody visits when they are in town.

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The store

The store is right in the center of the town, and it is easy to spot, on a great board above the door stands a large logo.  

by Canva

The jewelry is placed in crystal cases, where everybody can see the Yellow Pearl jewelry. Which they are making at the store, the mother of Nox stays at the store working on the jewelry with the pearls of the last harvest. While Nox, his two brothers and father go out hunting. His grandmother makes the oyster soup, for when they got back, in the meanwhile his grandfather sells the items. Price list
  • Pearl Neckless
  • Pearl Neckless Silver Hanger
  • Pearl Neckless Gold Hanger
  • Pearl Neckless Black Moon
  • Pearl Bracelet
  • Pearl Bracelet Silver Hanger
  • Pearl Bracelet Gold Hanger
  • Pearl Bracelet Black Moon
  • Pearl Earring
  • Pearl Earring Silver Hanger
  • Pearl Earring Gold Hanger
  • Pearl Earring Black Moon
  • 50 gold pieces
  • 75 gold pieces
  • 95 gold pieces
  • 150 gold pieces
  • 15 gold pieces
  • 50 gold pieces
  • 65 gold pieces
  • 140 gold pieces
  • 25 gold pieces
  • 50 gold pieces
  • 75 gold pieces
  • 125 gold pieces

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