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Black Moon Festival


First time held

Nobody really knows when the festival started, but they know when it was, the first time it was recorded. One of the monks of The Cult of the White Raven wrote about a night that the fool moon was covered in darkness. And without any light to guide him home, he had to lite a lantern. The darkness lasted the whole night, the monk waited until the next time the moon was covered in darkness. Luckily for him, the White Raven Quill predicted the next dark moon.   On that day, ten years later, the monk told the village near the temple to hang lanterns everywhere. The night came, and the moon was again covered in darkness. But this time the way from the temple to the village was lit with lanterns. But when he arrived at his village, he was met with music and the smell of food. The whole village was gathered on the market square. The celebration lasted the whole night, and after that the Cult decided to this every ten years. This was the first time somebody wrote about the festival, and it described the current form of the festival.

Big Flood

If there was a book about the festival, the day of the big flood would be a black page in it. On the night of the festival, one of the Monsters of the River revolted against his masters. Coursing, a tidal wave near the now named Cursed Island. Drowning hundreds of people.

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On the day of the Black moon, everybody in the city or village is busy decorating the market square with lanterns, the local restaurants and bakeries are delivering the festival with food. When the Black moon rises, the local musicians are starting to play and the lanterns are lit. This festival goes on until the sun comes up.

Floating Lanterns

After the Big flood, there was a great need to have a new tradition to honor the people who were killed. The cult decide to add floating lanterns to the festival, the lanterns are released at the exact time that the tidal wave hit the city of Rodigo. This idea was loved by everyone in Mythica, so the floating lanterns were kept in the festival.

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Other name

Festival of Dancing Light

Related Ethnicities

Yellow Pearl Hunters

When it's held

Every ten year

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