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Serpents Bounty

In the yard

The Serpents Bounty was build in a small yard near Volubteam. It was not meant to be a Monster Hunter ship, but as a small merchant ship. But the merchant backed out when the ship was almost finished.  

Lost ship

The original flagship of the Monster hunters, The Seven Arms, was attacked by a giant squid and sank. So the Monster Hunters needed a new flagship to lead their armada. So when the merchant backed out, the leader Marcos Vertect bought the ship from the yard.

New Captain

The ship got a new name and a new purpose, the yard build the small merchant ship into a monster hunter ship, and it made its maiden voyage. The Monster Hunters were young and inexperienced hunters, and once again they were attacked by a giant squid. Captain Marcos Vectect lost his life during the attacked. But the Serpents Bounty stayed a float. Only, with the leader of the monster hunters dead, there was need for a new captain. Euna Vertect the old captain's daughter stepped up and took over her father's position.  

The Lone Ilses

After Euna was appointed as captain and leader of the Monster Hunters, the Watchward expelled the hunters' organization from their ranks. And Euna was branded a pirate and traitor of the crown. She needed to flee the empire of Mythica and sailed to the Lone Ilses. A pirate's nest that traded in almost everything, including humans. Although Euna didn't like it, the Serpents Bounty was hired many times to transport slaves from the Lone Ilse to another land that excepted slavery.  

Home port

The Serpents Bounty stayed a ship for hire for four years, then the charges against Euna were cleared, and they could sail back home. Now the Serpents Bounty sails out to hunt the creatures of the deep and if it not hunts something it stays at her home port in Volubteam.
Creation Date
Owning Organization
Current location

Ships map

Serpents bounty

The Upper Deck

The upper deck is divided in two sections. At the back is the helm and at the front there are giant harpoons mounted, to attack the Monster Hunters.  

The Main Deck

The main deck leads to the captain's office and the captain's quarters.  

Below Deck

There are the galleys where the chef creates meals from what ever is available. Near the galley is the storage. Where the weapons and food is stored.  

The bunks

The place where the crew of this ship sleeps is the hole of this ship and the closest to the water.

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