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First Ship

Year 1 - 100   The first ships were build with two decks, the main deck where the captains and other officials were standing. And the lower decks where rows on rows of wooden benches were placed. Crewmen were sitting on those benches and do nothing else then row. Those first ships were not traveling far from the coastline in fear of the Monsters of the River. After a while, there was a third deck added to the ships. So that they could create bunks. The ship's crew grow, and the rowers could switch after a few hours of rowing.  

Monster Ships

Year 100- 200   Monster ships were build after they Flute of the tides were found, and the captain of the ship could control a giant squid or a sea serpent. The Monsters of the River were used to pull the ships. The ships were used to make longer distance travels also the ships traveled further from the coast, and even sailed to the Lone Isles. This practice of the creatures lasted until one sea serpent rebelled against the captain and the influence of the flute. This rebellion resulted into the big flood, which resulted in the deaths of many on the Cursed Island. After that the practice of keeping the Monsters of the River as beasts of burden was forbidden. A new type of ship was required to keep up the overseas trade.  

Sailing Ships

Year 200 and still going   The demand for a new type of was almost unbearable. But a child with a small ship made out of leftover wood, a few twigs and a piece of cloth, brought the solution. After the shipbuilders slapped themselves against the head, they started to build the first ship with a mast and sail. This method was so successful that many other ships followed. Now every ship has a mast with sail. Only the danger that the Monsters of the River would attack those ships, was back. The Monster Hunters found a solution to that problem, they build lighter and smaller ships. Much to the design of the first ships, only without the need for rowers. Their ships are traveling with the merchant ships to protect them from the monster.

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