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Flute of the tides

Written by Dennis van Peppen


At first, the Yellow Pearl Hunters used a lot of violence in order to tame the Monsters of the River. Until a member of the pearl hunters, miss Marigold. Discovered that the monsters can be calmed down by a specific tone of music. Upon hearing this, the monsters will become very submissive and will listen to the commands of the human making the sound. When Marigold made this discovery, she went out to make an instrument capable of producing this tone. She made a pan-flute and called it the flute of the tides. Upon seeing the results of this instrument, the other Yellow pearl hunters asked her to make more of these flutes. After that, the flutes became a common tool used on the ships of the hunters, which used it to command the monsters to pull forth the boats. After the great flooding of the cursed island. The flutes were lost to the sea, and Marigold took the secrets of how to make them with her to the grave. Some still believe that a flute is still out there somewhere, but nobody knows where.


by FinepixS3

The flute is made of a special type of golden reed, bound together by a piece of rope.


Upon blowing into the flute, it makes a special sound which calms down the monsters of the river, and causes them to obey the commands of the person playing it.


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