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Lone Ilses


The Lone Isles lay beyond the Dark Street. The Northern peaks or as the locals call them Serpent teeth are the highest point on this island. It is small and has only one village. The well known Pirate Cove, or the place that sells everything, even humans.


The island was at first uninhabited, until the first pirates from another land showed up. The much younger empire of Mythica didn't want any raids at their lands and shores, so the offered trade opportunities. Which the pirates glad took this, it was much easier than take it by force. The trade that the empire provided was good and very provable, even trade that they didn't expect, like humans that were unwanted. Which they could trade to another party.


The citizens of the empire know better than to travel freely to the Lone Isles, they may end up in the slave panes.
Alternative Name(s)
Pirat heaven


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