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Abbinical Guard

The Temple of Nuwa in Runber is divided into three abbinical provinces, approximating the provincial system of the Temple of Nuwa in Voranth. These provinces are headed by abbots, ecclesiastical heads of independent Temples of Nuwa. These abbots are immensely influential figures, not only due to their power to shape the policies of their respective temples, but also as thought leaders. The words of an abbot carry far and wide, and thus the abbots must be closely protected. It is rare for the words of one of the abbots to not anger at least someone in the complex political landscape of the emirates.   Though the emirs and the assemblies of the Runberi have generally chafed against the idea of armed forces under the direct command of the regional temples, the existence of the abbinical guards has been judged reasonable and necessary for the purpose of safeguarding the highest levels of temple hierarchy.



The abbinical guards are bodyguards first and foremost, trained to be fiercely loyal to their charges and ready to lay down their lives without a second thought. Abbinical guards are first and foremost trained in small-scale skirmishes and clearing buildings. Abbinical guards are also trained in disguise, so that the enemies of the abbot are never sure how many loyal Nuwans stand ready to defend the abbot.



An abbinical guard must be a faithful Nuwan, healthy and in their prime at the time of recruitment. To avoid split loyalties, the temples will not recruit anyone who is a relative of any emir, any sheikh, any member of any of the assemblies of either the emirates or their subordinates towns, any member of any civil service or the relative of one, or the relative of any member of an emirati navy. Consequently, the temples must train their guard from the ground up, and put their recruits through multi-year training programs. Extremely selective, veterans of the guard tour rural townships in search of promising youths, and attempt to induct the most promising ones. The guards only number a few dozen at a time, and joining the guard is a 30-year commitment. During this time, the recruit is forbidden from marrying or starting a family, or entering any kind of business relationship.
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