Order Guard

I swear to protect the Meisian Empire and its citizens with every breath I take, every action I do and every thought I think. My life belongs to the Empire - from now on until my last moment.
Under the light of the gods, I swear to protect the Great Protector and the Empire at all costs. I swear allegiance to the Great Protector, no matter who might hold this rank in the future.
For the Empire, For the People, For all time!
— Oath of the Order Guard
  After the Meisian Empire had been created, they needed a Guard for the Great Protector, the new leader of the Empire. To stop betrayal as a sign of unity, they formed the Order Guard, a guard of elite fighters from every protectorate of the Empire.



The Order Guard always comprises 30 members - 5 of each protectorate of the Empire. There have to be an equal amount of guards from every protectorate at all times, but their loyalty is with the Great Protector alone. When joining the Guard, they have to revoke their allegiance to their home protectorate.


Every member of the guard wears high quality heavy armor, a shield with the emblem of the Empire and a pure white tabard. They are equipped with spears, swords and crossbows, to react to every situation that might come up. They are provided with magical items, but not much is known about their abilities. Order Guards have been seen using abilities to negate magic, teleport short and medium distances, intercept missiles mid air and fly.
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