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The Mindless

A blank slate

Just remove it all. I've got no one, nothing for me out there, and I no longer want the burden of thinking. Take it all away, please.
— A desperate plea to become Mindless
  Not all who seek out The Dream-maker on his The Isle of Restructured Dreams want healing and love. Not all come with a broken past they wish to piece back together.   For some, the only escape they can see is to have their memories erased, and their mind wiped to a blank slate. Any personal identifiers, all thoughts, gone and replaced with void, in order to become one of the Mindless.  


Many who request transformation into Mindlessness are denied their request by the Dream-maker. It's an irreversible process, and he does not do it to clients without an extensive interview and study of them first; if the Dream-maker can help to mend that which is broken first, he will do that. However, if the past is too painful, and rooting around in the client's memories causes naught but more pain, then removal of thought and mind is accepted as treatment.  
You need to understand this. You, as you are, will cease to exist. Your body will go through the motions, my motions that I choose for it, but you will not be a part of it. You'll become one of the Mindless in my employ, with no thoughts of your own, and only what I dictate. Are you okay with that?
— The Dream-maker


The Mindless, once created, still function as regular human beings -- just without any memories or personality. They are blank slates, able to follow directions and orders that the Dream-maker implants within their heads. They follow a base programming to ensure survival; eat, drink, and sleep when required -- but more complex tasks come from the Dream-maker himself.   These complex tasks often vary to suit whatever needs the Dream-maker has at that moment. For the Mindless upon The Isle of Restructured Dreams, this equals guard duty to protect the Dream-maker. His business of modifying minds occasionally draws the attention of those who wish him harm, and thus the Mindless patrol and make sure no unwanted guests enter the premises.

Mindless Tasks

Aside from guard duty at his home on The Isle of Restructured Dreams, The Dream-maker also has his Mindless do other various tasks. Many of them are simple, like cooking for guests and keeping his Isle clean. Others can become more complex, like goods procurement, rumour seeding, and even espionage.  

Complex Tasks

Occassionally the need arises for more complicated instructions to be given to the Mindless. The two most common of these tasks are espionage and rumour seeding for the Dream-maker.  
Rumour Seeding
When the Dream-maker treats a patient, he usually ensures that they will come away from the encounter with no memory of how they got to his island. They can spread the word of his skills, but for other people to find him, the Dream-maker has the Mindless spread hints among various groups of people on how to make it to his home.  
The other subset of the Mindless conduct surveillance for the Dream-maker, ensuring he's always got an idea of what the public's perception is of him, and whether or not he's made any enemies that may cause trouble.
I feel... nothing.

What would you have me do, sir?
— Newly Mindless

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27 Jul, 2021 15:55

see, this is what freaks me out about the dream-maker, that he could do this to people. Still, it's reassuring that he denies many who request to be a mindless and help fix their lives if it can be fixed. Great article :)

You should check out the The 5 Shudake, if you want of course.
27 Jul, 2021 17:21

yeah, you're definitely right there, there's plenty of reason to be concerned about the Dream-maker -- I know that I likely would never trust anyone to root around in my memories!   I tried to balance a mix of wholesome and creepy with the character and the creation of the mindless, so I'm glad those vibes come through a bit.   Thank you so much, as always :D

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Eternal Sage AmélieIS
Amélie I. S. Debruyne
5 Aug, 2021 19:42

That's really horrifying and sad... Do those people ever have a chance or redeveloping personalities of their own after that, or is even that potential destroyed? This seems like a really elaborate form of suicide, really complicated since they need to find the Dream-maker first and this would require a lot of initiative.   Do people only ever come there on their own or are there people who are brought by their family or friend after they've convince them that it's the best solution? Could some of the Mindless leave with their family or would that be going against the Dream-maker's conditions?

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8 Aug, 2021 02:48

That's a good comparison -- it sort of is a form of suicide, but you leave some form of yourself existing to still do some form of work in the world?   The Mindless likely would grow unique personalities again, especially the ones sent out into the field. They make frequent trips back and I think the Dream-maker would modify their minds to keep them as Mindless as they had chosen, but some likely break free of the cycle and never return.   I also don't think the Dream-maker would ever convert someone to a Mindless if it wasn't that persons express wish or idea, so likely only the ones that come on their own. He likes to work one on one with people, so I don't think group visits ever really happen at his Isle.   Thanks for the great comment :D I have lots to work with here, when I think about going back to update this with more :)

Cathedris, the world of God-husks and New Magic, welcomes you.
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