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The Isle of Restructured Dreams

Home of the Dream-maker

There's this place, a truly special place, where you can go to have all your bad memories erased. Where you can learn to love again.
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— A Mindless
  When the brokenhearted and the downtrodden have resolved to meet The Dream-maker, all they must do is listen carefully for the rumours spread by his followers, The Mindless. Following the trail of clues and hints left by them, these people will find themselves travelling to a small series of islands off the western coast of Eriall.   Here, among the warm waters and black glass sand, they'll find the Isle of Restructured Dreams -- the workplace of the Dream-maker. Spread across a small, naturally sheltered bay, are a series of stark white buildings that the Dream-maker and his Mindless call home.  

Built to Please

The Isle has a fair amount of various kinds of buildings sprawled across its small area, with each building connected by pathways built of smooth ebony wood. The Dream-maker likes to ensure his home is always stocked with whatever he needs to fulfil his clients wishes, which means keeping a myriad of different buildings with different purposes to them.  
Come, let us relax by the pool. I'll have my friends bring us some of that Russinian wine you were telling me so much about, while you continue your tale. I'm dying to learn more.
— The Dream-maker
Bath houses, excercise rooms, theaters, saunas, libraries and office space are just some of the different places he has established in his small island complex, and he's always prepared to add more, should a future guest request something he does not yet have.   Additionally, storage facilities, sleeping quarters, and other necessary buildings can be found upon the isle. The Dream-maker likes to keep them full of the best wine, the softest bedding, and the nicest things he can find.


Number of Structures
1, plus anywhere between 10-30 Mindless
The only way in or out is the main set of Docks in the bay

The Dream-maker

A rare kind of Transmutive Catalurgist, able to modify thoughts and memories. The Dream-maker has a background in both biology and psychology, and he truly understands brains, and how people think. This knowledge, together with his adeptness at Catalurgy and his smooth charisma, give him the perfect set of tools to wade his way into minds and rearrange parts as his clients request -- occasionally going in to remove everything, to create another one of his Mindless.

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Sage Dylonishere123
R. Dylon Elder
23 Jul, 2021 18:24

Another awesome take on the prompt. I like that it isn't just some red light district kind of town. Well done and the quotes really add some awesome flavor.

23 Jul, 2021 21:02

Thank you, Dyl! :D   I didn't feel as if Cathedris had enough underlying structure to it to be able to comfortably fit a red light district within -- not enough written history or cultures to react to it. So, I went with weird instead :P

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