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The Dream-maker

Mender of hearts and minds

Oh, honey. Sit with me a while. Tell me everything.
— The Dream-maker
  In certain corners of Cathedris there exists rumours of a Transmutive Catalurgist with the ability to modify memories and heal the mind, known as the Dream-maker.   Heart ache, trauma, nightmarish memories -- these are the symptoms that the Dream-maker treats at his home on The Isle of Restructured Dreams. He's a mysterious individual; not all who hurt may end up meeting with him, and not all who find him come due to pain.   The Dream-maker's followers spread hints of both his existence and his abilities throughout Cathedris; those in pain who listen carefully may just be able to follow the clues and make their way to the one who would heal them.  

First Impressions

The most noticeable thing about the Dream-maker is his demeanor; he's got the appearance of a soft man from a small town suburb who's spent far too long in the woods --t here is a quiet strength about him, with something primeval at his core. He dresses in comfortable clothing, and keeps a mostly trim beard that appears wild around the edges. His eyes are quick, smart, but seem weighed down by a heavy loneliness -- with the same wildness that his beard features.  
There is so much pain in your past. So much suffering that you did not deserve. Come closer, and let ease your pain.
— The Dream-maker
The only hint that betrays the Dream-maker's existence as a Catalurgist is a small coiled tube on his right hip. He only ever uses Catalurgy during sessions, and thus does not wear a tank of Ichor at all times, unlike other Catalurgists.   His hair is generally unkempt -- reaching nearly to his shoulders, and sometimes hastily tied back to keep it out of his eyes.
  The Dream-maker speaks with a simple voice -- but one that sounds like a smile is always just around the corner. He does not mince words, nor is he brutally frank -- he speaks the words that he believes his client needs to hear, no more and no less.
I can make you forget it all, everything that went wrong. Tomorrow morning you will awake with new and pleasant memories that shall bring you much pleasure for the rest of your days.
— The Dream-maker
Hair Colour
Black, streaked with gray
Country of Origin

The Isle of Restructured Dreams

Within a small cluster of islands, off the west coast of the small continent Eriall, the Dream-maker makes his home. It is only accessible by boat, and the natural shape of the land he lives upon gives him privacy from any passing eyes. Few outside of his chosen companions know of his location; his clients, upon leaving his island, find they no longer have any memory of how to reach the mysterious place.  

The Mindless

Not all who visit the Dream-maker want healing; not all have something they want fixed. Some are looking for an escape -- from their past, from the possible future, and from themselves. Under very careful consideration, and after hearing their life story so that he understands the situation, the Dream-maker offers another solution; he may bring the affected individual on as one of his Mindless.   These are people that have chosen to give it all up in pursuit of a simple, mindless life, devoid of choice, thought, and for all intents and purposes -- free will. The Dream-maker effectively empties their mind, replacing it with a blank slate capable of simple or sometimes complex directions, should the need arise.   The Mindless serve as the Dream-makers guards, advertisers, his spies.

Mending The Mind

A Transmutive Catalurgist needs two things before they can do their magic; they must understand the subject they wish to change, and they must make physical contact with it. The Dream-maker pursues understanding of his client first. Together, he and his client will meet in the late afternoon, with small food and light drinks. There he sits, and he listens. Anyone who puts in the effort to find and visit the Dream-maker always has a story to tell, and a past to unwind -- the Dream-maker takes this all in and slowly over the evening comes to learn just who exactly is sitting in front of him. As the light dwindes, he slowly learns to love the individual he's listening to; when the lamps go on, the closeness between them grows into an embrace.   It is at this point where the Ichor, kept always close at hand should the moment arise, is brought out. The Dream-maker hooks in a small vial of it to the coiled tube on his hip, and gets to work on restructuring the memories of his clieant; all the while making new ones to replace the old.  
Close your eyes. Let me show you the magic I can do.
— The Dream-maker

Cover image: by Jr Korpa


Author's Notes

I think this is not bad for my first attempt at this kinda character! I'm happy to have them feel like they fit into my world. Updates planned for after Summer Camp:  

  • Some insight into his background
  • I'd like to give him a proper portrait image, and reformat the article a bit
  • Add info for any questions you readers might have!

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    23 Jul, 2021 07:58

    Ohhh, you did a great job with this! Kind of in the same line if thought of my batch of characters, but unsurprisingly better executed.

    23 Jul, 2021 20:56

    Thank you so much Kros! :)   And oh no, I doubt that I did it better! Don't sell yourself short <3 I will have to read yours and see the similarities, it was a fun way of taking the prompt so I'd love to see more :D

    Forgemaster Dimitris
    Dimitris Havlidis
    23 Jul, 2021 15:02

    The idea is great and I certainly would like to read more about it. BUT maaan Catalurgy ... It really makes me think of my cats every time I read the word going M-EOW-age!

    Join me, become a Sky Pirate in the world of Lyra!

    23 Jul, 2021 20:58

    Thank you Dimi! And you're in luck, The Mindless and The Isle of Restructured Dreams now have articles for more details :D   Hahahaha, I can totally see that word association happening. "This Catalurgist makes me go meee-oww " xD

    23 Jul, 2021 15:58

    unsurprisingly, this guy kinda creeps me out. I'm sure he helps a lot of people, but something about going into someone's mind and altering things feels creepy....does he ever abuse his skill? Like, turning someone into a mindless for personal reasons? This is a great article though, I love it :)

    You should check out the The 5 Shudake, if you want of course.
    23 Jul, 2021 21:00

    Oh yeah, he's definitely on the shady side of things! But there's actually always only good intentions behind his actions, and he only tampers with memories that the client expressly asks to be tampered with. Many don't believe him though, hence the guards :P   However, he does ensure that those who leave his Island never find a way to come back. They remember the man, the services, but not the location or the journey.   Thank you so much! :D

    Eternal Sage AmélieIS
    Amélie I. S. Debruyne
    5 Aug, 2021 21:12

    He really seems all nice and everything, but I can't help but find him creepy -_- That power is just too terrifying!   My question would be where and how he manages to replenish his store of ichor. Unless he came on that island with a limited store and he is still working out of that?   Do governments care about him at all? Are they trying to find him? I think it was mentioned in the catalurgists articles I read a while ago, but I've forgotten the details. I think the catalurgists owe a debt to their governments and have to serve them, right? I get the impression the Dream-maker ran away from it and is hiding from them... I'd think he is causing the same kind of panic at the potential damage he could do as the salesman.

    To see what I am up to: SC list of articles and goals.
    8 Aug, 2021 03:40

    That is absolutely understandable! He's sort of like a black market brain surgeon -- sure, he does things to help, but like... *oh boy is that ever sketchy*   That's a good question as well! I imagine he'd have some contacts that he usually uses to source more Ichor from -- though what he's providing to them in trade, I'm unsure... o.o More sketchiness!   So far, governments don't seem to care about him! However, word of his abilities have likely made their way to those in power, and ideas of hiring him to work for them might be forming.   Not all Catalurgists are made via governments, just most -- but I kinda like that idea too. A powerful Catalurgist gone rogue and attempting to help people, even in this broken and creepy way, is a fun idea :D   Thanks for the comment and questions!

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