The High Lordsguard

Elite protectors of the High Lords

The High Lordsguard is the generic name for those that guard the High Lords of Serukis. Over the years, each High Lord has cultivated his own highly-specialised lordsguard, with some going through several iterations throughout the centuries.  

High Lord Elenasia

The Shields

The role of Shield is the most important protection for High Lord Elenasia, and has existed in one form or another since the founding of Serukis. The role did not change much after the unification of Serukis when the Elenasia family became royalty, The Shield is assigned to the crown prince when he is a young boy and they grow up together. The Shield is expected to display complete devotion and is not allowed to marry or have a family.

The Kingsguard

The Kingsguard was formed after the unification of Serukis, when it was decided that the Shield alone might not be enough to protect the new King. Unlike the Shield, these men are allowed to get married and have a family, as they work in shifts.  

High Lord Ereth

The Frozen


High Lord Hargrove

The Ash Men


The Smoke Warriors


High Lord Sybrant

The Airsguard


The Storm Maidens


High Lord Vaifale

Men of the Waves



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