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Lion Guard

The Lion Guard is a small elite force on loan to cities, including Ptolus from the Empire of Tarsis to aid in the handling of dangerous supernatural creatures. Being selected for training in the Lion Guard in considered a top honor. It is speculated that there are up to six active teams of The Lion Guard stationed throughout the Empire, with more teams in training.    


  The Lion Guard accepts a broad range of races, talents and experience. The Lion Guard will train from an early age and also accept veterans into its ranks. The training time varies, including vetting, shakeout, and focused training. The Lion Guard is especially careful of character and life choice, while there are some select cases of reforms members leaving a checkered past behind. Most times, veterans, especially of an advanced age, are positioned to perform specialized training in the ranks.    


  The Lion Guard bears the imperial crest and badge of their special rank. However, they are also taught to blend in with the local city watch and make nice for them. This either works really well or really poorly, as there doesn't seem to be a middle road.  


  Like any situation involving apparent divided loyalties, this can cause stress, misunderstanding and lack of local cooperation. The loyalties or the Three Oaths of The Lion Guard, as stated by imperial duty.  
  • The Oath of Vigil
  • The Oath of Throne
  • The Oath of Empire
  •   While this looks great, it can lead to some very uncomfortable and unpopular choices.    

    The Oath of Vigil

      The Oath of the Vigil, also known as the First Oath, is the core and guiding principle that essentially says the duty and vigil against supernatural enemies comes before all else. At its most extreme, this allows the Lion Guard to effectively rebel or challenge members of the imperial hierarchy. The more important the member, the more members of the Lion Guard that is required to agree and make the challenge.    

    The Oath of Throne

      The Oath of the Throne, or the second oath, sets the Imperial Throne of Tarsis as the authority and guiding hand of the Lion Guard. The throne recruits, trains and sets them on task.    

    The Oath of Empire

      The Oath of the Empire, the third oath also quietly known as the "bleak oath" states that the Lion Guard owes a responsibility to the citizens of the empire. Most look on this with a feeling of safety and comfort, which is true most days. In reality, those that have lost loved one's call it the "bleak oath" as the Lion Guard has clung to one or both of the others oaths to rid the world of a supernatural threat at the expense of innocents. So the Oath of the Empire really means everyone else or what's left.

    Pillar of the Lion
    City of Tarsis



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