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Eguard Unit (Egg-ah-de)

The Northern Mermaids are the more warrior-like of the Mermaid population, taking great pride (and pleasure) in using their high strength and sea magic abilities. Their ancestors were specifically chosen by The Council of Turien to guard a particular high-value criminal on Delusional Isle. Since then, the Mermaids set themselves up as their own tribe and have continued guarding the prisoners sent to Delusional Isle. They also make a great small force that has been hired in many of the Magic Wars.   As the Mermaids adapted to their prison guard job, they set about increasing the natural security that the island offered. Underneath, they found a small cave system that led to a faintly glowing egg of considerable size.  
The child of the Locklong.
  How they knew that it was the egg of the sea serpent that wrapped their world and kept its magic in check every 600 years is unknown to even the Council. And the fact that it asks for a sacrifice when the balance of the world has been tilted is a sketchy mystery. However, it has kept the Council on their toes and the Mermaids in more jobs. Thus, the Eguard Unit was born.   The top 10 warriors from the Northern Mermaid tribe (provided they aren't Elders already or in line to take over the Elder position) are chosen as the members of the Egaurd Unit. At any one point in time, three of these members will be situated in the caves underneath Delusional Isle and guard the egg. They rotate watch as appropriate, switching anywhere between a few hours and a few days.    During sacrificial trials, the three watching members of the Eguard Unit link with the child of the Loklong, their eyes glowing, and speech akin to a hive-minded entity. There is no rotation of members until after the sacrifice or restoration. However, the other seven members will likely provide a second watch, or be the ones to rely any changes in situation between the linked Eguard members and the Elders of the Northern Mermaid tribe.



Any of the Mermaid race have the ability to create a number of weapons using the ocean currents and various minerals found in the ocean. The Eguard Unit members are no exception and are the ones who have honed this ability to its peak performance. Although many weapons can be formed, the Eguard Unit favour spears and weapons of spear variation.
Overall training Level

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