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Mermaids are a predominantly female race who live in the sea, split into the Southern Mermaids and Northern Warrior Mermaids. The Queen and her direct lineage live in the Coral Palace in the South.   Mermaids' most well-known and desired products are birth charms.  

Racial Attributes

Mermaids reflect the beauty, love and graciousness of their Creator. Blessed with blue water magic, they are able to flow in the currents of the sea, and of life, seeing beauty, depicting it and sharing their love to the world.  


Mermaids are known as the 'Beauties of the sea.' Whether that is because they are the only sentient race to dominate the sea, or because they are attractive to all peoples is a matter for debate.   Female mermaids generally have long hair, flowing through the waves - especially the Southern Mermaids. Northern Warrior Mermaids will often braid their hair (at least the top of their hair) with the rest trailing behind them. As Mermaids can control the flow of water, their hair is magically always clean, untangled, and fresh. The magic running through their veins and hair also helps with this.   In the water, Mermaids have a long scaled tail, often brightly coloured. Scales continue up their back and down their arms. Their hands don't fully develop until they are a few months to a few years old, which helps in their learning of how to swim. Gills replace their noses on a human face, as well as on their upper torso. Extra fins may appear on their arms and around their ears.   On land, Mermaids can only survive in their human form. However, the same magic still runs through them so their hair and skin are generally flawless.  


Mermaids are a very loving race, though they tend to only focus on one relationship at a time. The length of the relationship varies, some will only hang around for a single night, some will stay with one partner for their entire lives. Generally (especially after the first third of their lives) Mermaids will stay with a single partner for number of years (from 5-100).   Southern Mermaids are more likely to stay with a partner to have a child and raise them for a few years together. Northern Warrior Mermaids will stay with a partner longer, at least for their child/ren to become independent warriors of the sea and will more likely stay with a partner for their lives, and have a longer time between partners.   Many Mermaids will mate with Humans and/or Beast-kin, who live significantly shorter lives than them, therefore it is common for most Mermaids to have at least 3 different partners over their lifetime. However, there are Mermaids who will only ever have one such relationship or even no such relationships.  


As there is a very low birth rate of males, Mermaids will often mate with other races. All their children will either be Mermaid or Human, depending on whether they were raised on land or in the sea. Mermaids love to have children, and often revel in raising very small children. As they get older, the excitement wears off, and their development is shaped by the older siblings and friends around them.   Females are physically stronger than males. Therefore, even when a male is born, a mother is more likely to raise him on land as a stronger-than-average Human, rather than a weaker-than-average Mermaid.  However, that does not mean they always do, nor do they not care for the males and will name those kept in the sea with two first names. One will be masculine, as they were born male and one will be feminine as a blessing to keep them safe from the rough seas. Generally, the child or their family will use one of the names more frequently, but both names are considered 'first' names.


There is only one language in Turien, spoken by all of the races. Mermaids do not value record-keeping and thereby are not forced to learn the language in its written form. Many do, but more as a fun thing to do in their spare time.  


Queen Naidene Williiams is the current monarch, residing in Coral Palace with her 21 daughters and 2 sons (1 deceased). She is 588 years old, and readying her eldest daughter, Nazireth, to take over the ruling authority. The current council member of the Council of Turien, Adira Mayder, is from the Northern Warrior Mermaids.  


Southern Mermaids trade with South City their wares. They export food, such as fish and crustaceans, as well as coral, pearls, and minerals formed underwater both as their raw forms and made into charms, jewellery, and art. In the past, they have also traded with Fairies in the Great Forest.   Long ago, the traditional saying for giving birth was:
“A Fairy’s message,
A Mermaid's charm,
A Human's timing,
An Elf’s preparation,
A Beast-kin’s passion,
And a Nymph’s joyous acceptance.”   The Mermaids have been stringing the beauty of the sea on necklaces, bracelets and as charms since the first birth in Turien. After message notes from the Fairies dwindled in frequency, the saying died down and now only a few in Turien recite this during pregnancy. Birthing charms have continued to stay on the market, however, perhaps even replacing the rest of the saying with a selection of personalised or specialised charms.   The typical birth charms are formed from either coral, Magi-clam shells or pearls, however, there is an array of other natural resources that make up the charms from the bottom of the sea.   Northern Warrior Mermaids also trade food with North City, a variety of beast-kin tribes, and the Elven Kingdom of Forest Elves. Most food (especially meat) comes from the Northern Warrior Mermaids and fishers off the northern coast of Turien.   North City and South City are the two largest trade centres for food and wares due to the influence and exports of the Mermaids.


300-year average (290 for males)  


(Year 54 of the Century of the Nymphs, 26th Cycle) Approx. 3200 (including ~200 from the Northern Warrior tribe)  


All males and females are referred to as Mermaids in Turien. Names that have appeared in Turien thus far include:
Family Names: Rell, Achell, Williiams, Mayder, Sonaday
Feminine Names: Isabella, Torii, Dremoria, Joy, Brooke, Carli, Anya, Naidene, Mermi, Luna, Ale, Nazireth, Nazriam, Nazriya, Amira, Dorri
Masculine Names: Jace  

Gender Inequality

The birth rate of females to males is 5:1. Males are generally weaker than females (for a Mermaid) and therefore are often raised as Humans instead. As Humans they have average strength, lifespan, and a minute chance at interacting with magic. (E.g. Steve Brown.)
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