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The three Elders govern the Northern Warrior Mermaid tribe. They oversee all operations, living conditions and general well-being of their tribe, as well as dealing with the other Turien races and missions from the The Council of Turien. They also report to the Queen of the Mermaids who lives in Coral Palace in the waters to the south of Turien.   Current Mermaids Elders: 
  • Amazonia Rell
  • Torii Ispel
  • Jazzach Cathan
Trivia Facts:
  • For some reason, there has always been at least one Elder with a deep hatred for Dark Elves.
  • Jazzach has a twin brother who is alive and well as a rare Mermaid male. He also makes great sea cookies. 
  • The Cathan family were Southern Mermaids until a few generations ago, then they voluntarily migrated north. Their short tempers was only one of the reasons they made this choice. 
  • The largest whale to be hunted by a Mermaid hunting party was 72 meters long. It was found by an Elder of the past, stuck in a cavern system because it was too big to move around. The Elders decreed the youngsters to monitor the length of the whales and start hunting them if they got to be more than 30 meters in length. 
  • Torii is loved by the current Mermaid Queen Naidene, often asking her for tea and treating her like a younger sister. Torii is unsure how she feels about this.
  • Amazonia defeated her sisters in three consecutive Mermaid festivals, leaving them in bandages for almost two months after each time. 


The top warriors of the Northern Mermaid tribe are set for either Elder or Eguard Unit positions. Fighting prowess, knowledge of the sea, superior magic skills, and love for their people (read: violently teach the Northern Mermaids how to thrive in the deepest and darkest currents of the sea).  Every year, during the Mermaid's allotted festival time, there is a fierce battle in the northern seas. From a whale hunt, to a series of mock battles and a race against sea vessels, the Mermaid's exhibit a fierceness common to only the greatest the Beast-kin. The winners of these battles earn the rights to apply for the roles of Elder and Eguard Unit members. To be an Elder, the current three Elders have to acknowledge the Mermaid, and when an Elder steps down a fierce political campaign (in true warrior Mermaid style) begins. The winner becomes Elder.


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