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Delusional Isle

An island prison for the most vicious of criminals, specifically comprised of royals and other people of importance from the continent of Turien, surrounded by a storm-like mist.   Prisoners can only be sent here through the authority of the Council of Turien. Generally, prisoners are there for life, however, they normally have a reason to be kept alive (they may have a particular power, for example, that could be used to prevent or cause an extinction). As Humans have no effective magic, there are no Human prisoners (and will normally be executed or assassinated for similar crimes).   The Isle is kept under watch by the Northern Warrior Mermaids, who maintain the storm-like mist around the island. This mist can only be opened by a Mermaid, who has trained half their lives to be able to do so. To go through the mist without a Mermaid's magic would kill whoever tried to do so. Additionally, some Mermaids set up delusions and poisons within the mist that affects not just those trying to escape through the mist, but anyone close by the mist. Thus, the island was named Delusional Isle.   To cope with their plight they often diss humans. Here is a following song they sing to pass time:  
To be human only
Would cause such strife
To any who're superior ~
Beast-kin'd lose strength
Nymphs'd lose freedom
and Fairies'd lose stability ~
To be human all day
Only human all day
Who would ever desire ~
Elves'd lose their purpose
Mermaids'd have to work
And humans are dull anyways ~
To be human forever
Well, not quite forever
Only 100 years, then dead ~
Might as well die now
Torture'd be better
Cause human's the lowest of low ~
So even though we're prisoners
And we are better than humans 
That's right
We're all better than humans !
Alternative Name(s)
Turien's Prison
Inhabiting Species


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