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Marine Guard

The Security Division of the Marine Corp

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"Well let's see, first you have a 5 metre barred wire wall, with proximity sensors all over. On that wall are at least 6 guard towers, each have 8 guards inside, plus all the ones that patrol along the wall. After that you get to the complex itself, every corner is under watch 24/7, you'll have to knock out those security cams without them seeing you, or find your way into the main security office, that's where they will control the cams. Finally you have the hardest challenge, the Marine Guard. A hundred of the meanest and best Navy Marines, all who will shoot you the second they lay their eyes upon your face. Good luck my friend!"
The Marine Guard is a security subdivision of the Federal Marine Legions. The role of the Marine Guard is to defend important Federation Navy officials. These can include, but are not limited to, the Secretary of the Military, the Naval Chief of Staff, Fleet Admirals, and Lieutenant Admirals  Marine Guards are not as common in naval vessels themselves, serving instead as a ground force protection. While in space, their role is often supplemented by other marine units. In certain instances they may assist in the guarding of other Governmental officials as well. For example, after Lando D.B Marshall was kidnapped and subsequently rescued, he was given a personal Marine Guard Unit for the remainder of his tenure.
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