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The Witch-Council are the direct subordinates of the Witch-King/Queen of the Anrasha, they are the next more powerful elves who aid in the ruling of their empire, even as they conspire to overthrow the Witch-King they are also honor-bound to ensure no harm befalls the current ruler during combat. The council takes their role very seriously and will do everything in their power to augment and support their leader when there is times of war or conflict.   Many who attack the Anrasha rightly fear many horrors they can bring to the battlefield, soldiers who have trained and honed their skills and cruelty over centuries, monsters bred for war, and powerful magics. The true fear of any force is to draw the attention of the Witch-King and council, for they are some of the oldest and most powerful fighters in the world kept sharp by constant infighting and driven by the desire to dominate to earn their place in the Sylvan Court of Dominance



There are 8 members of the Witch-Council.


High-quality armor and robes that are heavily enchanted, arcane items designed to aid in ritual casting spells, and all manner of magical items to suit their personality and strengths.


Most choose Anrashan sword-staffs or scimitars weapons they can use their natural dexterity to benefit from.


They answer only to the Witch-King/Queen


The council uses their magic to defend the Witch-King, or augment their offensive abilities through ritual casting spells, essentially each member of the council adds their power to the spell making them far stronger but more difficult to contain, meaning each member of the council has to be an expert mage. If done properly their magical assaults can deal devastating damage to attacking armies or monsters. If necessary they will also engage in melee combat where they are quite proficient and will weave spells to further augment themselves.



Members of the Witch-Council are chosen based on skill and influence, they have to be able to wield power both magical and political to help the Witch-King. As such those who are chosen are almost always from the strongest noble houses in Etrisium.
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