Queen Persephone's Soldiers

When the night is full of soldiers in shining armour, best ye run.
— unknown
by A,J. Ponder (me)
Queen Persephone's Soldiers, also known as the QSPs, or Quisps, are a fighting force of a hundred and eleven elite troops dedicated to protecting Queen Persephone and her interests. They are considered a privileged group in fae society, with everything they need laid on by the workers. Workers who, for the most part, try to pretend these soldiers do not exist.  
And so Queen Persephone's soldier looked at the plate, like I couldn't see it was full of empty glasses. What did they want me to do, create ambrosia from thin air?   So what did you do?   I did the only thing I could, I pointed into the woods and ran for my life.
— anonymous
    Queen Persephone's soldiers main job is to stand around looking imposing in their armour. This is because while they are the show of the queen's defense force, King Hades' demons are there to ensure that Queen Persephone and FaeLand are "protected." Fae soldiers, along with Fae in general are not fond of warfare, and would prefer to avoid a fight than find one. Looking pretty and being very strong, and a formidable force when confronted, is enough.   The Quisps are renowned for the way they jump in front of Queen Persephone for the slightest threat. Arguably this is the safest thing for them to do, as not doing so in a moment where Queen Persephone feels vulnerable is an automatic death sentence.  

Entrance to Queen Persephone's Soldiers

The only way to gain entry to this elite group of guards and the privileges that come with it is through a process called "Dead Man's Armour" Again, as this is a secretive group, that process is largely unknown, but given the armour is fae silver, and given fae silver is acquired by only two methods, blood and tears, there is little doubt as to the provenance of the armour.
by William Ponder

Winter Seclusion

  Ten of Queen Persephone's soldiers follow her down to the Underworld over winter. The draw is made in secret only moments before Queen Persephone's entourage descend to the underworld through the [Mirror of Tears also known as Mirror of Blood]   We know: Soldiers who accompanied Persephone within ten years are excluded from the draw.   We do not know: How the draw is conducted or any of the details. The entire ceremony is secluded and secret and so remains a subject of rumour and speculation. Some say the soldiers all receive a card, and those with a crown on them will accompany the queen. Others insist the draw is made with straws. Some soldiers have reported the draw is not always conducted in the same manner, but refuse to give any other details, as revealing Queen Persephone's secrets is a death sentence for her retinue.
Assumed Veterancy

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