Agi's Veil

My Shield and Scales may protect all of Omari, but they are still oblivious to the true nature of what I've done all those years ago. My personal team blends in so well and I can only hope this secret stays buried for more years to come, least another dreadful era of war break out.
— A snippet from Agi's diary.
This is a group of versatile guards who are tasked with assisting and watching over Agi, the prismatic dragon guardian who is still believed to be missing. To any unenlightened folk, Agi is simply Novosha, a guardian of Uxali's main temple. Agi hand picks these individuals and keeps up the illusion that they're a specialized sector of Agi's Scales who are tasked with protecting important people. There is no official name to this group.


There are enough members employed to provide service 24/7. They take shifts based on the individual's preferred working hours. Most of them stand watch and ensure that Agi is safe; if any danger arises they are the ones to deal with it. There is usually one person designated to assist Agi with any general tasks and self care as they became disabled during the Era of Strife and appreciate help on bad days.
Two members handle spying and gathering general intel. They keep tabs on the Thieves Guild and other members of an expansive information network used by some of Omari's citizens. Many of those individuals are considered enlightened and Agi is afraid of what would happen to the public if any of their secrets were fully aware by everyone.
Special Security
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Current Members


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