Diabolic Guard

  Anyone that still believes that the Archshaman is alive is dulusional. There's never been a sign of him or the supposed Diabolic Guard. Simply an elder's tale and nothing more.
— Kvettis, Desmodon Scribe and Artist



What sort of weapons and equipment do you think an ethereal being is going to use? Those things pure magic, they've admitted to it and magic is all they need. 


  You know as well as I what power the Eshiddians hold and that's only the power they choose to show us. Deep below Wraithshear, ten of them keep watch over our Archshaman, locked away in his eternal prison.   Why else has no Archshaman been appointed since Khanosti disappeared? The Elements have always waited for the Archshaman to pass, he's alive down there.   They call themselves the Diabolic Guard and they weild vast magic.
It is said that deep within Wraithshear an elite unit stands guard over Khanosti's prison. Ten extremely powerful Eshiddians stand watch over him. Their eyes never leaving him, for if they did, even for the briefest moment, the archshaman would crush them where they stood. The rest of the Eshiddians have taken up residence within the ruins a Velpraxa, a direct violation of our sacred lands.  The chosen Eshiddians came to be known as the Diabolic Guard for their evil deeds and even in modern day, many people still curse them. It is believed that the ten guards are the elders of the Eshiddians, only being powerful enough to imprison Khanosti due to their advanced age.  No one dares challenge them, the journey to the great tree itself would kill even the strongest warrior. Any that did survive would then have to face the Eshiddians in combat. Those that tried have never been seen again. When Khanosti's Heart was at its prime, there was talk among the people of forming an assault and freeing the archshaman, but nothing was to come of it.


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