The Zeturian Guard

  • Royal guard protecting the Holy Empress Lydia Radeken d'Alderac
  • Formed of 301 Ymirsen mercenary warriors
  • Uncorruptable
  • Escort the Empress everywhere
  • Led by "the Fist" a single guard elected by the guard itself for life
  • Heavily armed and dressed in gold plated heavy Battleform Armor.
  • Their main weapon is the Anima Glaive a powered weapon with a blade of vibrating silver fire able to cut almost through anything
  • The glaive also serves as the sigil of the guard and it's commonly found as a steel made broach wore over their heart of a star with the glaive in the front.
  • The guard is known to value cleanliness and emphasis they put in grooming themselves. Because of this, in many cases the guard has been accussed to seduce young Theban noble ladies. The truth is that the ladies are entranced by their attention to detail and fine grooming and fall head over heels for them
  • In order for someone to join the guard there must be an empty position and you have to be sponsored by a member of the guard. After than they have to be vetted by 30 of their possible peers an d found fitting. Only then one can join the guard and they will have to serve for 10 plus 1 years or die on the job in service of the empress.
  • All guards have to be Attuned with a focus on either Strength of Will.
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