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A elite Avalonian Imperial Marine Corps ship -- and Imperial Guard

The Voidchasers are an elite group of Avalonian Imperial Navy "Bug-Men" and the crew of their ship. In the course of their career, they sent the report that launched the First Interstellar War (IW1), received numerous medals and Mentions in Dispatches, and, on two different occasions, arguably committed treason.   The Voidchasers include a number of members of the Imperial family of the Celestial Throne of Avalon outfitted with mithril "Bug-Suits," the best technology available to a marine in the Avalonian Imperial Marine Corps. Unbeknownst to those young imperials, the crew also contains a number of bodyguards, specially trained to protect them.



Frigate (2-4 officers, 4-16 enlisted, 4-40 marines)


Individual, according to preference


The Voidchaser, an Avalonian frigate


The unit is commanded by Marine Captain. Answering directly to her are Airaion Mithethas, Lylas Madrimlian, and Yazma Snowwind. Beneath them are Crowley . Xerxes Radiant, Lord Ruavel Sunfall, VonVin StarSong, Alesander Tremayne, Ardan SpellSword and Luwraek. Below them are the rest of the crew, according to rank.   [spoiler]Yvoleth Oleander is a crack marine with the rank of Colour Sergeant. He has been given individual orders directly from the Imperial Crown to protect the Imperial Princesses, and "get their asses out of the fire" should this be necessary. The same orders were also given to Jhaelim Silverdancer , a crack Star-Pilot and advanced mage with specialized training. Alesander Tremayne, who lacks Oleander's marine training, but who is a gifted navigator and Druid.


In a frigate, the Voidchasers typically engage forward scouts, gathering intel and preventing intel from getting back to the enemy.   As "Bug-Men," the Voidchasers are far more effective. They can individually assault and take out an entire ship's crew, as an independent small unit with their own tiny Starfaring Engines strapped to their backs. They are an elite Special Forces attack unit who specialize in targeted eliminations.


The Voidchasers receive Navy and Marine training, which involves instruction in siege weapons, hand-to-hand combat, and magical combat and tactics. They have also pioneered Bug-Men training procedures, which includes maneuvering the suits in space and atmosphere, insertion training, and demolitions.   Within the enlisted of the Voidchasers, there are also a number of individuals who are trained in protection and extraction procedures, with orders to, if necessary, remove Yazma Snowwind, Selene Wintermist, and VonVin Starsong in that order, since that is the Order of Succession.


Logistical Support

The Voidchasers are given the best resources the Marine Corps has available, under the fiction that they are an experiment, being the only AIMC ship in the fleet.   At the moment, the use and repair of the Bug-Suits are handled privately through the Imperial Crown.


The Imperial Princesses have been given a means to contact the Imperial Crown Prince directly at any time. They have already taken advantage of this ability to pass on essential intel as quickly as they possibly could. In effect, this provides them unreal logistical support, as their archmage father can likely send them just about anything they might need in a few short minutes. There are some limits to this, in that anything or anyone he might send must be able to step through a magically created portal. This means response is limited to a few crack individuals and the resources they can carry. It does not involve the instant moving of ships or armies.


Each Bug-Suit costs 6000*N to build, and about 1000*N to maintain. Monthly, the Voidchaser itself costs about 12,000*G annually to run and maintain.


The members of this unit are specially chosen through a double-screening process. Appropriate candidates are vetted and then dropped in a place where Captain Wintermist and Marine Lieutenant Airaion Mithethas are likely to recruit them. They are then vetted and selected by the Captain and the Lieutenant.
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1 Rose Moon, 4711 AC
Overall training Level
Assumed Veterancy

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