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Nimolin Opalarbour

Nimolin Opalarbour

Hailing from the capital of Alasia, Selaszaeriel, Nimolin was the firstborn to a cold and dismissive household. She learned quickly to conceal her personal interests, opinions, and habits to avoid attention and balance that with the necessity of being noticed enough that her needs would be addressed. As she got older attention became more unwanted as it wouldn't gain her anything and came with the risk of being grounded to her room. She turned to making early morning escapades to see people and get something more to eat, there was only so much the house staff could do. After about a year she had gained a few fast friends in the twin gnomes Spriggs and Sprocket as well as the half elf criminal Freyer that taught her enough to get by. On her 24th birthday her brother was born, and was let down by their parents as much as she was, she raised Eliandris for the most part. Growing older her brother was pushed more by their parents, even at his young age, who perceived him as being healthier and more fit then her. Nimolin became hard pressed to help himwhen her parents notice her slipping him portions of her food and school notes, limiting their interactions greatly. Eventually Nimolin was sitting alone in the garden staring at the sky, and bemoaning how weak she was, and how stupid she felt asking questions to the either. That night she received an answer from neither god nor devil, but a strange creature that only wanted everything she ever saw and in return, the power to get what she wanted. Things almost remained the same afterwards, if it werent for the dreams that began to plague her and her crow companion Quill it would have seemed as a passing daydream. Until on night Nimolin was informed of her engagement to (placeholder) of the (placeholder) family, in six months. Almost immediately Nimolin left to join the royal marines where the more aggressive side of her abilities became apparent. At least this way she could try to find another way to protect her brother.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Nimolin is rather small for her age, though she is still growing it appears she has some catching up to do nutritionally.

Identifying Characteristics

Out of sight most of the time Nimolin has a dark glittering mark accross her shoulders and torso, as if something large had held her still and left a inky stain behind.
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Bookish minor noble turned warlock, turned marine looking to avoid arranged marriage.

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pale gold
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
pale with a bronze tone

The Battle at Zynmyrinar part three (end)
18th of Huntersmoon 4641 AC

The battle sounds were waning, though they still made my ears ring. There was still this orc captain ( I realized quite belatedly that he is indeed the Captain) in the door way and despite the both of us (Captain Seleane and I) hitting him multiple times he would not fall. While impressive I honestly was becoming quite impatient, the faster the helm was seized the fast this battle would end. It was only after a dazing spell from The Captain and a substantial hit from one of my blasts and he began to look more haggard. It then occurred to me that he must realize he cannot hold out for far longer as well as we did, thus, diplomacy. This is also the time Moonflower arrived muttering about paperwork.   I laid out to him that, while I was currently out of reach, I could come in close and hit much harder, and that while the ship would be taken and he and his crew imprisoned, they would live. He seemed reluctant but Moonflower added that our prisoner conditions were not squalid and that capture my be more favorable then fleeing in defeat. He then handed over his axe and as an honorable adversary called his crew to stand down. I recalled a word, I do not remember its direct translation but I did recall its use as a remark on honor and respect. The crew ended up mollified by this a fair bit and we have had no complications in taking the ship and crew captive.   We have ensured they were able to tend to their dead, at least on the ship. I wonder what happens to the dead on battlefields, do the looser just lay forgotten till they melt right down into the muck? Perhaps I shall ask later.   I am rather pleased that I did not end up tumbling the ship, falling to ones doom seems unpleasantly suspenseful. Perhaps if the Captain valued less his men and ship I would have struck rather then spoken. *'Tisn't a pleasant thing to consider of oneself.     Wraith - by Nimolin   Do the dead care where their cadaver lay? Offal strewn in frothing bouquet?   I have heard it so. That, alas the throes of death cannot cease the bitterness of one final fetid breath.   So in the shadow, their bitterness remains and drapes o'er the bone and far faded frame. Film o hunger that flesh mightn't sate, wretched lonesomeness rotted to hate.   How such empty things can last? Alas! No canopy, nether mast, nor mighty tow'r however vast, can surpass the veil for one to ask.   (*yes it is a word I checked. )

The Battle at Zynmyrinar parts one and two

After escorting Lt. (thats new) Dazzle Kat on a successful diplomatic mission along with Corporal Rando LeElf and Privet Aerin, we settled down in an ambassadorial sweet. We went to bed (not before a few rounds of hot baths and spontaneous pillow fort construction) only to be awoken by a com message from Dazz and Rando's bugsuits. While we were peiceing the situation together a friend of his majesty arrived to clarify and deliver bugsuits to Aerin and myself.   After arriving back at to the rest of our forces we were deployed to the Nunnehi city of Zynmyrinar that was under attack from the Formorian forces blockading the planet. On approach we were broken up into teams, I was with Captain, Lady, Commodore? Seleine, Midshipman Ruevel, and Bosun Yvoleth. Shortly before entering the warzone I invoked a protection against projectiles on the lot of us (it also hinders tracking but that isn't particularly relevant in this case). Then we entered the battle, our groups split up to attack the ships that were firing siege machines upon the city.   Yvoleth attacks first, crossing the our quarries deck in a bolt of lightning, striking quite a few. Ruevel goes next shocking the Captain of the ship so badly he bails straight off the side! Seliene then casts some sort of entangle like spell on the ships main deck, vastly slowing the majority of our direct opponents. I then Invoke shattering on a shaman I saw's talisman, crippling at the vary least his casting. Tis a shame he didn't get stunned as well... Yvoleth continued to clean house and Ruevel went after the falling captain to capture him before he hit the ground. Seliene moves to attack one in the doorway leading below deck and directs me to take hold of the helm. As the orc in the door wasn't down yet, and I cannot tumble past (Note: change that!), I ELDRITCH BLAST -ed him... he didn't go down so I did this again. Seliene cast something, probably an effect spell like "hold person", but he shook it off.   I imagine the others are doing as well as we are, if not better. I plan on shaking all these orc silly as soon as I take the helm! (Note: warn Seliene about that.) And the battle still continues......

Drunk wedding conversation

Dazz are parties supposed to make you this sleepy??   dazzlikat passes the booze to nimolin ... your only sleepy cause your not having fun   dragonmagpie: are you sure??? (the booze is probbably sending underage Nimolin to sleep tbh lol)   dazzlikat shuffles the cards ... time to have some fun   dazz rando elf joins us   dazzlikat: there ya go, nimolin ... now we can REALLY party!   dragonmagpie: hee hee we should tie a basilisk to the prow and ride at the barracade hee hee   dragonmagpie: hee hee dragonmagpie: Hey Dazz didja know I used to garden?   dazzlikat: cool   dragonmagpie: and then, and then... The void picked me up   dragonmagpie: like, like a kitten dragonmagpie: and he ploped me back, and turned em all red and pokey dragonmagpie: Maybe Queen Military Superor Lady VonVin would like some.... dragonmagpie: I bet she likes ppkey flowers dragonmagpie: heh heh   dazzlikat: lol   dragonmagpie: I am a void kittin dazz did I tell you that?   dazzlikat: your a cute kitten, nimolin   dragonmagpie: I always wanted a cat dragonmagpie: mother never let me have pets dragonmagpie: she wasss sooooo mad when quill shoed up dragonmagpie: but she cant do nuttin ganst quill hes too, hes too, epiic dragonmagpie: yeesss dragonmagpie: did you knwo its my birthday next month? dragonmagpie: I turnn uhhh, how old am i   dazzlikat dazz being only half-elf ... has no concept of seeing nimolin as too as as dazz is only 30 7-Month Subscriber (6-Month Badge)dazzlikat cant see you as too young   dragonmagpie: i turn... 49! yeahhh thats it dragonmagpie: yeeee   7-Month Subscriber (6-Month Badge)dazzlikat: wow, nimolin! your older than me!   dragonmagpie: oh uhh dont tell the recruters they will kick me out so i cant join the marines dragonmagpie: but like you are older in...... emotsions brain years dragonmagpie: I like you   dazzlikat: thanx   dragonmagpie: You are the coolist coworker ever   dazzlikat: so are you, nimolin   dragonmagpie: I bet you re a great big sister   dazzlikat: no idea ... never been a sister   dragonmagpie: to COOOLIISST dragonmagpie: where did aren go   EliKwake: I'm still right here   dazzlikat: aeron is here playing cards with us 7-Month Subscriber (6-Month Badge)dazzlikat: so is rando   dragonmagpie: he makes, they meake good whip... dragonmagpie: whipped milk     7-Month Subscriber (6-Month Badge)dazzlikat aeron, I think nimolin is getting pretty wasted   dragonmagpie: heavy milk   EliKwake: Vaguely wondering if I should tell someone you're underage, but you seem cool and outrank me, so maybe not   dragonmagpie: does heavy milk come from fat cows?   dazzlikat: lmao   EliKwake Aerin says "I think we need to get Nimolin to bed   dazzlikat: good idea   dragonmagpie: I dont want to go to bed I am in the meraingues i dont have a betime   dazzlikat: we all could use some sleep ... we were sooo busy dealing with goblins   dragonmagpie: you mean being a bartender, htat was fun     7-Month Subscriber (6-Month Badge)dazzlikat: lol yes 7-Month Subscriber (6-Month Badge)dazzlikat: so we been partying all over 7-Month Subscriber (6-Month Badge)dazzlikat: time to get some sleep   dragonmagpie: this is great I love my jobs anf bosses they have very pretty hair dragonmagpie: noooo   dazzlikat: aeron, since you haven't been given a bunk yet ... wanna have a sleep over at our space skid? its just big enough to hold three   dragonmagpie: *starts walking away with noticible help from her cane*   dazzlikat: .... once we iunload the ammo   dragonmagpie: I dont sleep dazz i see everything, even byoncee   dazzlikat: is ok, nimolin, I think tonight you will ... <hands her more booze>   dragonmagpie: omg i should drunk call the prince dragonmagpie: Selnaris plllz tell dazz i do not have bedtimes   dazzlikat: NOOOO! he will learn your age secret if you do!   dragonmagpie: whaat idont tell him that     7-Month Subscriber (6-Month Badge)dazzlikat: fine 7-Month Subscriber (6-Month Badge)dazzlikat: Selnaris gets a drunken message from nimolin lol   dazzlikat the message to selnaris was .... Selnaris plllz tell dazz i do not have bedtimes   dazzlikat nimolin is VERY drunk 7-Month Subscriber (6-Month Badge)dazzlikat ahhh .... nimolin is just DRUNK   *selnaris tells dazz to put her to bed*     7-Month Subscriber (6-Month Badge)dazzlikat m TRYING!!!! lmao 7-Month Subscriber (6-Month Badge)dazzlikat dont worry ... I got rope!!!   EliKwake Aerin is helping. "I'll get her legs Sergent!"   dazzlikat proceeds to tie nimolin up an stuff her into her bedroll on the space skid     warlockcmh: Airiaon wanders by, "Good job Colour Sergeant, carry on!"   dazzlikat: thanx, sir!                                                              


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