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The Commodore's Emergency War Order 001

A desperate order issued in a desperate situation

The Commodore's Emergency War Order 001 was a military order dispatched by an unknown commodore who found themself in command of the Telasian Imperial Fleet after the opening salvos of the First Interstellar War (IW1). Why the identity of the Commodore has been redacted remains a mystery.


The Emergency War Order activated the Imperial War Measures Act , which was ratified in the Avalonian Empire during the Succession Wars. The Act empowers Imperial Forces to apply a number of measures in times of conflict, and is among the justifications cited for the continued authority of Imperial Admirals and Generals, even in isolated systems that no longer have contact with the seat of Imperial power.   In this case, the Emergency Order empowered the Telasian Imperial Fleet to levy considerable forces and resources to replenish their devastated Fleet.

Document Structure


The first paragraph of the missive detailed the results of the Fomorian occupation, and the news that the King of Telasia, Elias the Second, had been killed fighting the enemy in the assault on Evergleam. It is believed that this information was included both to advise the public of the situation, and to justify the invocation of the Imperial War Measures Act.   The second section is a detailed intelligence breakdown of the strength of the enemy in the system, reported by the Voidchaser .   The third and final section officially cited the Act, and issues a series of orders geared to emergency deployment, mobilization, and resupply. Foreign Fomorians were also expelled from Avalonian territories, and consorting with them was officially deemed an act of treason.


As the Emergency War Order was given under the authority of the Imperial War Measures Act, it was only applicable for the course of the First Interstellar War, and was rescinded when peace was declared.


The Imperial War Measures Act was cited as the source of the Navy's authority to issue the General Order.

Publication Status

As is traditional, the Emergency War Order was published in The Avalon Gazette the day after it was issued, and recorded for posterity on magical crystal. However, strangely, the identity of the mysterious Commodore was redacted, even in this initial publication.

Legal status

The Emergency War Order was applied within all Avalonian Imperial territories remaining within the Telasian System, and was ratified by Crown Prince Selnaris Khi'Marinae as a representative of the Imperial Crown.

Historical Details


Various Fomorian powers signed The Solstice Pact in an alliance against increasing aggression exhibited towards them by the Avalonian Imperial Navy. Their initial plan of attack was an overwhelming surprise assault against Avalonian Forces in the Draconian System , followed by a similar assault against the Telasian System, during which they would occupy the planet and force concessions from the Avalonians.   Their surprise attack was foiled by The Voidchaser Dispatch, and the Fleet was considerably weakened by the concerted counterattack of the Draconian Imperial Fleet. However, despite early warning given by Voidchasers, the Telasian Fleet simply did not have enough strength to meet the threat. Their fleet was overwhelmed in their defense of Telasia, the primary world of the system, and the planet was occupied anyway. The major Avalonian starport on Telasia, Evergleam, fell to the Fomorians, and was destroyed by the removal of its Heartstone to protect the secrets of Avalonian magic from falling into Fomorian hands.   With the devastation of the Mithril, a mere Commodore suddenly found themself in command of the entire fleet. They issued the Emergency War Order in response, apparently with the personal sanction of the Imperial Crown Prince.


Whatever the identity of this Commodore, it is clear that the Admiralty recognized the Commodore's authority, because no effort was made to rescind the War Order once higher-ranking Mithril were once more in the system.

Public Reaction

The news of the Fomorian Occupation and the sound defeat of the Telasian Fleet was, naturally, met with a degree of concern and fear. For the most part, people of the Avalonian Empire on Telasia reacted by hiding or hunkering down.   In general, the Imperial Reserve reacted to their instatement or reinstatement with grim resolve. To the best ability of historians to determine, no one refused the call.   Some of the measures included in the Emergency War Order were controversial, particularly those that expelled foreign nationals and that restricted business activities. Protests were repeatedly lodged throughout the course of war, but only a few businesses were actually fined for disobeying the Order.


For military historians, the Emergency War Order is remembered favourably. It has historically been seen as an act of bravery by an elf who rose to challenges no one could have anticipated to act in accordance with their duty. The Order is widely believed to have saved the Avalonian Imperium from complete destruction in the Telasian System.   Other historians debate the War Order. Some are critical of the restrictions placed on businesses, the aggressive recruitment and especially the reinstitution of the draft, and the expelling of Fomorian foreign nationals. They argue that these methods were unnecessarily and unfairly draconian in their approach.


The Emergency War Order remained in effect for the length of the First Interstellar War in the Telasian System.
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Record, Transcript (Communication)
Authoring Date
13 Hunter's Moon, 4611 AC
Ratification Date
13 Hunter's Moon, 4611 AC
Expiration Date
End of the First Interstellar War
Signatories (Characters)

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Avalonian Imperial Crest

Selene Wintermist Sunfall
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