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Ardan SpellSword

Midshipman Ardan SpellSword

A magus that likes to make his own stuff and is always looking for new ways to makes things.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

skinny but toned muscles

Mental characteristics

Personal history

His father is the XO on board the Elven Dreadnaught (insert ship name here) A kensai of renown, he has trained him in that art since he were a small boy His mother is a marine commander on the Elven Warflower Right Hand of Lugh He has had a good relationship with both, though you were shuffled back and forth between their ship's as they discovered they loved one another, but couldn't live together.

Personality Characteristics


To live life to the fullest with no regrets

Likes & Dislikes

Dislikes long and tedious takes like scrubbing the deck and would try to do ANYTHING else not being able to see the stars Likes pulling small pranks that do no harm but is also a good laugh (the player might have trouble with this one) glass figurines tries to get one at every port he has been to making anything that he well be using for a long time and will try and learn to make them if he does not know how already

Personality Quirks

Quirks Is a bit of a prankster and will somethings pull small annoying pranks when board, or well look at the stars Ticks When doing a long task that is not making something he will get a board look on his face and will try to ether do the job as fast as he can or pawn the job onto someone else
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Adran Spellsword born 4597 AC is a magus who like to craft his own things and is always looking for new ways to make things.

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6ft 2in
Known Languages
Elven Elfin Orc Sylvan Draconic Goblin

Well that was easy

dealing with the bandits was easier then I thought it would be and we have a auto gnome hanging around us now. He is using a weapon that I have not seen before and I would like to study them and his body to see when makes them work. Also to note i now have the funds to start making the stuff I want to make all I really need is to figure out how to make them magical.

bandits it is always bandits

Well there has been nothing to write about for a mouth, other then the ships running into each other as we were setting off. When we got to the to where we were going, we were ask to deal with a bandit problem and off we go to deal with them. sidenote they are not killing anyone witch is kind of wired for bandits if you ask me.

Smuggling Ring taken care of
Flowermoon 4639 AC 19

So we took out the smuggling ring and got recognized for it and found out that I do not like standing in front of a large crowd of people, well that is happening, and well i never realized how much of my parent's money I was spending with my crafting experiments, kind of feel guilty bout it now knowing that I wasted so much of their money after finding out that my newest idea costed 327gp.

Well this is a thing
Flowermoon 4639 AC 18

Well we found out a conflict diamonds snuggling ring. they tired too bride us to get the diamonds back that were found out about and we said no and caught 2 of them. Then in the evening while I was sleeping they were snaking around in the barracks we were assigned to while we are on planet and tried to plant so of the diamonds in our stuff they were caught and we turn the diamonds in when we found them.

Thoughts on the people I met today (plus notes on new ideas for my weapon)
Flowermoon 4639 AC 15

Today was interesting, met a bunch of new people and some are different then what I expected from first looks. First one is Midshipman Lord Ruavel Sunfall. He's very different then most Alfar; he is not like anyone else that I have met. He does not try to lord over everyone that he meets and has a strong sense of right and wrong. Next is Lieutenant Lord Numilor Goldenbough - now this is a an Alfar that behaves like an Alfar and, well ... so far he has only done his job so I cant blame him for that, but he does seem to have a stick up his ass and will make a great target for for some small pranks. Speaking of pranks, Crowley the new ship's "cat" well be great for helping to get them done, so no one will notice that we are the ones who did it. Moving on to Ensign Lady Selene Wintermist - she has a very free spirit and she was bold to kiss an Alfar in public and seems to not mind a bit of mischief, and I will get along nicely. Oh right, the updated design for my weapon that I came up when... let me write it down before I forget... (next couple pages is a few diagrams of a spiral rapier and notes on how to make it better) Now to write down the rest my first thoughts of the people I met today. Hmmm... So my new Captain, Lady Wintermist; well, I do not have much to say about her as I have not interacted with her much, so the only thing I can say is that she seems like a good captain. Next is Lieutenant Commander Lord Navar Goldenbough. He seems like a good guy for an Alfar, but like the captain, I need more time to get to know him. Alright, Ensign Lylas Madrimlian seem like a bit of a sourpuss, but is not once you get to know him. Midshipman Yazma Snowwind... it is sad to know that homelessness is a thing in some of the elven cities, and she does not talk much. Now Midshipman VonVin StarSong is a star elf, another free spirit, and very much a druid. As for Midshipman Alva Darkwood -- she does not talk much, and the only thing that I know about her is ether she is running away from home or was chased out, or I am jumping to conclusions. That's it for for today! I hope nothing too eventful happens these next 4 to 5 years.

Well New colony mission and the prince is aboard
Flowermoon 4639 AC 16

So the mission is a new colony on a peridot were and the prince is aboard he said to not treat him any different so i will not and so I will not and the mission seems like smooth sailing as we are part of large fleet

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