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The Concinno Knights

The Concinno Knights are a battle-hardened group of warriors trained from birth to bond with a Saurvis in order to create a fighting style that works perfectly in tandem with their mounts. The Concinno Knights hail from the nation of Asmyae to the West, and their purpose is to protect the traders and wanderers of Asmyae from the harsh deserts they call home. Most importantly, they are unofficially tasked with the protection of the current children of the noble family. This tradition is closely tied to the history of the knights.   The Concinno Knights began as the dream of a young boy hooked on old stories of knights in shining armor saving princesses and princes from dragons, and following the code of chivalry. Of course, this boy, named Jakeem Salah, was poor as dirt, and had no way of realizing these dreams.   That is, until he found a young, abandoned saurvis, and took her under his wing. Unbeknownst to Jakeem, this saurvis bonded to him through the use of a stone he found near it, and that was the beginning of a life-long partnership. Jakeem didn't realize this until, when his life was threatened by some drunk punks, his saurvis spontaneously produced a mutation to protect them - which shouldn't have been possible. From that day forward he trained day and night with the beast, who he named Nightwatcher, in order to develop a wholly unique fighting style which could adapt to any situation. Once he was confident in his skills, he put them to the test, starting with low-level bandits and thieves, before building to larger threats. In very little time, Jakeem was the talk of all of Asmyae. But he did not yet have a name ascribed to him. Jakeem looked to his books, the Concinno, and took that as his name. His deeds piled on, crowned with the greatest of them all: saving the king's daughter from a demon, then slaying the beast.   Jakeem wasn't offered the princesses hand in marriage, for he didn't want it. Instead, he was given a large tract of land and the means to produce more of the saurvis binding orbs, as well as permission to start his own knightly corps. To this day, the Concinno Knights carry on Jakeem's torch, forever protecting the young of Asmyae with the virtues of honor, wisdom, generosity, valor, and compassion.

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