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Royal Guards

Work in progress
The Royal Guard is a military funity with its headquarters in Ulán Shang Kov. This organization mostly guards the entry to the Royal Palace, as well as the doors of the Kremlin and most of the important rooms of the Palace. In the novel, two Guards from the Royal Palace are mentioned, Ugor and Volk.



The Royal Guards can be seen carrying different kinds of weapons, mostly staffs and battle axes, and in rare cases, swords. In important events, they can carry banners. Despite using all this weaponry mostly for ornamental purposes or due to the protocols, the Guards are trained in their usage and can use them for self defense as well as for making order.


Most Royal Guards are trained specifically for their position, but if they desire they can get trained for becoming part of the Imperial Army or the The Dark Army. Aspirants receive training for using the staff, battle axes, sword fighting as well as discipline and training for standing immobile for hours. 


Historical loyalties

The Royal Guard is loyal to the Tsar of Moskova as well as the Royal Court. The Guard has begun as the guard of Nodvragoda's Parliament and it was supplied by voluntary service , but as the years passed it turned more into a personal guard for the Prince. When Moskova's capital was moved from Nodvragoda to Ulán Shang Kov after the Invasion of the Peoples from the East, the guard moved as well. The Guards had to re do their loyalty pledge when the monarch's title was changed from Great Prince to Tsar. 
Volk the Royal Guard by Gege16 through HeroForge
Vigilante as the Eagle
120 men
Overall training Level
Ranks & Titles

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31 Jul, 2021 18:15

I find this article quite an interesting read! I really find it especially interesting that the guards had to redo their pledge with the changing of the leader's title. :D Great job!

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Nice article with a great heroforge mini! Really gives me an idea of how they should look. Also a nice bit of history with them needing to redo the pledge.   The sentence 'and rarer, swords' would be better as 'and in rare cases, swords' I think :)

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