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Seeking for the Lost Northern Stars

Seeking for the Lost Northern Stars is an adventure-fantasy novel by Geraldine B. Escriva (a.k.a Gege16, me). It is the central story of this World and many of the articles from it are about characters, elements, places and other things that appear or are mentioned in the text.   It is currently in development and constant editing, as by the date, 8 chapters are written and more are being written. It this the first narrative text by the author that can be considered a "novella" by its wordcount, but not the first chaptered one. It is also her first fantasy story which is not an one-shot or short story. Most of the chapters were written in 2018-2019 and it.   The story takes place between the years 1355 and 1367, while the main events of it happen in 1367


In a remote era, Evil made its place in the Sky. Two sister Stars once united as a single soul, broke their bond, and fell from Heaven. Their story became a legend.   A thousand years later, the vast Empire of Moskova is at the mercy of the oppressive regime of its new Tsar, Ivar, and his protégé, Mikhai. Multiple peoples suffer their agenda where paranoia, vulgarity, sarcasm, and horror are the bread of every day. Darkness spreads across the Empire, and the only hope seems to be to find and reunite the Lost Northern Stars. But, according to legend, only uncorrupted hearts can reach them.   Two Kozzakhi children and an imperial servant may have the key to saving their homeland, but they must first learn about their past. A servant from the Royal Palace desires to save his family, but he also feels he must end the reign of the horror.   Two unique sabers. One hope. A journey full of dangers and new friends through a snowy land of demons, fairy tales and secrets to be revealed under the Northern Lights.

Main Characters


  • The importance of cultural remembrance.
  • Redemption.
  • Family & Friendship.
  • The negative impact of lies and manipulation.
  • Thr negative impact of hate.
  • Self confidence and self acceptance.

List of chapters

The following list displays the chapters that are planned. Names, order and amount may vary over the time according to the evolution of the project. The bold names indicate the fragments that are already written and are being edited.
  • Prologue: A tale of two stars.
  • Chapter one: Once upon a time...
  • Chapter two: The present.
  • Chapter three: Into the woods.
  • Chapter four: At the capital.
  • Chapter five: The beginning of the trip.
  • Chapter six: In Nodvragoda.
  • Chapter seven: In Nodvragoda, part II
  • Chapter eight: Revelations: The mark of the fire.
  • Chapter nine: The voice
  • Chapter ten: Signal
  • Chapter eleven: Danger
  • Chapter twelve: Revelations: Ghosts from the past
  • Chapter thirteen: Heading to the stars (temporary name)
  • Chapter fourteen : Fire & Ice: Temptation.
  • Chapter fifteen: Fire & Ice: The final battle (temporary name)
  • Chapter sixteen: A new beginning
  • Another chapter?
  • Epilogue?
  • Extra: ?

Publishing history

  The story's first draft is currently available online for receiving feedback and promoting it. It began to be posted on Deviant-Art in 2020 and on Wattpad in 2021.However, if the traditional publishing of it becomes possible, it may be taken down from Internet, at least temporaly.  
English version
  Read on Deviant Art   Read on Wattpad  
Spanish version
  Read on Wattpad  
by Gege16 through SmartMockUp. Background image by Eric McKeena on Unsplash
by Gege16 through SmartMockUp. Background image by Meera Parat on Unsplash
Manuscript, Literature
Digital Recording, Text
Type of book
Third person, omniscient.
On the writing, first draft in development.  
Current wordcount
+33.927 words
English, Spanish, Russian*   *Spells and other fragments, but a whole translation isn't available
Age rating
PG   +12

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Articles under Seeking for the Lost Northern Stars


Author's Notes

It feels weird to talk about myself in third person, but it had to be done because i wanted it to sound "professional" hahaha. Also, i'm still unable to decide the way to write the definitive synopsis, so you may read it written in different ways depending on where are you reading it. Ps: You may be wondering why i listed two languages, well, it is becuse i'm writing the original and a translation simultaneously.

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