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Alioth (ˈalɪəθ)

This article is about Alioth as a star and character from the novel Seeking for the Lost Northern Stars and its Universe, so some of the information displayed on here may differ from the real world counterpart of her.In case you are looking for knowing about Alioth as astronomica object of the real world, visit Alpha Ursae Majoris ,Sky and telescope: astronomy news,Star facts: Aliothor The sky Live: Alioth, Apha Ursae Majoris Star
Alioth is one of the stars from Ursa Majoris and a character from Seeking for the Lost Northern Stars.   She is also one of the several characters from Moskovar mythology, as she used to be considered as a minor deity alongside her sister, Alioth and other stars, while the main divinity is the Sun. One of her first appearecences is the Tale of the Lost Northern Stars, a legend well known among Kozzakhi and the main line followed by the novel's plot.   Alongside the other stars she occupies the highest rank of Zvezdarska energy hierarchy, making her able of turning into a tangible being by her own will.

History and origin

  There is very little known about her origin as a mythological character since it seems that the myths and stories about her birth are lost now. However, since there's a legend left that tells the origin of the Sun as an entity originated from the Chaos, the same may apply for Alioth and other stars for example her sister Dubhe.   The most famous story featuring her is the Tale of the The Lost Northern Stars and long time ago she used to be a cult object as the main beliefs system of Moskova used to be the Traditional Stellar Cult but by the pass of time, she started to be seen more as a fictional legendary character from fairy tales than as real creature or a divinity as the Sun became the only star worshipped by most of Moskova's people. Kozzakhi maintained her status for more time and the legends featuring her as more than the Firebird could survive thanks to storytelling.       She has been alongside her sister Dubhe for centuries a member of the Ursa Majoris asterism. They both used to be two of the many stars designed to protect the sleeping of humans, preventing nightmares and such bad things. They also used to fight against evil demons and other monsters.   Despite having a very close relationship towards Dubhe, she couldn't notice that she was getting dark because she was always pretty busy and her sister tried to hide her feelings to her.   When she found out that her sister signed a pact with Alchnos't, she got really angry and them both had a pretty harsh argument which ended in Dubhe 's fall. After the anger passed, she felt really bad about how she treated her sister so she desperately tried to look for her for apologizing.   When Alioth couldn't find Dubhe in any place of the sky, she turnt into the Firebird for finding her sister in the Earth. Many people saw her flying as the Firebird, bringing to life many legends and myths.   As Alchnos't possessed Dubhe's body, he got enough power for making his dark servant demons fight and defeat Alioth. She ended trapped in a Prison inside a volcano, in her Firebird form and with her legs chained to the ground. Her chains and the walls only can be broken by the Stellar Sabers. While locked she's been feeling desperated and tried to escape several times with no success. She had experimented pretty dark feelings, but a spark of hope and faith remained burning inside of her heart avoiding her to become a monster.
Alioth as the Firebird
"She's lost in the darkness
Fading away
I'm still around here
Screaming her name
She's haunting my dreamworld
Trying to survive
My heart is frozen
I'm losing my mind"
— Within Temptation, "Lost"


As other stars and deities themselves, she's more like an ethereal being made of energy so she doesn't have an actual shape. However, she is able of shapeshifting, becoming an avatar.

Humanoid form

In fairy tale books she is depicted as a yellow skin young woman with orange hair and white glowing eyes , dressed in a traditional Moskovar Sarafan costume. This costume is basically a long red dress with a white shirt below it and a red Kokoshnik tiara on her head . Her dress also features a dark red scarf.

Firebird form

In her Firebird form, she looks like a heron bird featuring a long tail, similar to a peacock 's one . Her appeal follows a fire alike color scheme (yellow, orange and red feathers). Her tail, wings and head feathers are luminous as fire, enough bright for being able of illuminating a dark room with just one of her tail feathers. When she flies she leaves a sparkling trail behind and her eyes are glowing white, with no pupils nor irises visible.


Alioth is the extrovert, rational and responsible of the pair. She's seen by Dubhe as a role model to look up and is like a big sister for her. She sometimes can be too stressed and seem too structured, rigid and cold, but she's actually warm and caring.   She tries to keep everything under control and she can get angry while trying to protect the lives of her beloved ones. This feature was remarkably seen when she found out about the pact signed by her sister. If she's been too rough during a moment like that, she usually finds the way of apologizing and clarifying any misunderstanding.   When she noticed that her sister was lost,she began to feel desperate and after being trapped she experienced a depressive state. However, despite the fact that anguish was the feling that shaped the vast part of the millennia she's been trapped into the volcano, she alway had a ray of light inside of her that prevented her mond to become a really dark place. Her small but persistent hope was what kept her soul burning and alive for all that time.
"You've got to get close to the flame
To see what it's made of
You've got to get close to the flame
To see what you are made of"
— Tarja Turunen, "My LittlePhoenix".
Love is a bird, she needs to fly
Let all the hurt inside of you die
You're frozen
When your heart's not open
— Madonna, "Frozen"



Sister (Vital)

Towards Dubhe




Sister (Vital)

Towards Alioth



Divine Classification
Lawful Good
Current Status
Trapped down in her Firebird Form
Unknown, probably million of years.
Date of Birth
Circumstances of Birth
Unkown, probably born from the chaos.
The Sky
Dubhe (Sister)
Presented Sex
Female (natural), varied (depending on the shape adopted) (neutral overall)
White and glowing (natural) . Varied.
Middle long, orange (natural). Various, even feathers (depending on the shape adopted)
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Yellow (natural), varied (depending on the shape adopted)
Varied. 2 m in humanoid form
Related Myths
Related Laws
Related Religions
Stellar Cult
by Mikhail Parilov


Alioth has appeared in legends and tales in humanoid form and in other forms, but the most common tales are those that feature her as the Firebird. In these stories, the Firebird is usually the rewardof a quest taken by the hero, usually pric, warriors, wizards and other characters. The reasons behind her searching are varied, but the most frequent ones are wealth, power and the love of a princess.   Some characters and items that tend to be featured in the same tales as her are Ivan the Fool, Flying Carpets, Sirins among others.

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Cover image: by Geraldine Escriva
Character Portrait image: by Geraldine Escriva


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