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Ivarosovic Grosnik

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"What do you think? Am I not the best ruler this nasty nation has had over a thousand years?"
Ivarosovic Grosnik IV, also known as Ivar or The Rabid Dog by his detractors, is the current Tsar of Moskova during the events of Seeking for the Lost Northern Stars. He is one of the antagonists and villains of the novel.


Background story

His early life story is surronded by an air of mystery since it is little known about it. It is said that he had spent his childhood in the Kingdom, specifically in Ulan Shang Kov's Kremlin since he was a cousin of Prince Vasily. However, the most powerful boyars didn't use to treat him well during his childhood, since they considered him a "threat", and this mistreatment could have influenced his personality.   When Ivar grew up, he went in exile for many years and during that period of time no one knew about him, until the death of Great Prince Vasily of Moskova. When the throne became a vacant place, the heads of the main boyar families made up a provisory parliment in order to take national decisions until finding a new monarch.   Ivar expelled the provisory parliment and crowned himself in the year 1358. Ivar's politics towards surrounding nations was not friendly since the beginning of his reign, which is considered to be a a Dark time for the kingdom. During his reign, not only violence and repression became common, attacks from Demons and other evil creatures increased as well. Some of his most famous-or actually infamous- measures were the Raid to Nodvragoda, the Conquest of Kozzakhi and the creation of the Dark Army.


"Don't pretend that I didn't realize. You know it perfectly, no one can hide something from a King or a God...and for you I AM BOTH!!
— Ivar threatening Vladimir Kuznetzov

One of the things that stands out the most about this ruler is his personality, mostly in a bad sense. He is widely known in Moskova and abroad thanks to his paranoia, shprt temper, inestability and tendencies to violent behaviors. These traits are mostly noticeable in his reign, since he ussually applies absurdly rough punishments to people who do don't obey him and also sends to jail people suspicious of being conspirators.   Ivar is also a very ambitious and greedy monarch, as he had begun the largest expansion campaign of the kingdom which was done mostly for filling his palace on gold and money. He shows himself as a fierce defensor of his own country and wants show it s the most powerful in the world, but he mostly does it for impressing other countries' leaders since he doesn't really like his people.   Ivar tends to have a very short temper, which causes him to get angry or aggresive over things that can seem silly like, for example, someone eating his ham.   He's the role model of Mikhai , who is his protégé and apprentice. However, even if they both tend to flatter to each other, Ivar doesn't always agree with Mikhai, something that is visble during the novel.   Despite his fierce aspect and his most visible psychological traits, he is internally bugged by his own actions. His mind is somewhat divided in two sides, one which enjoys his savage methods and the other one which is ashamed of it.   He also is pretty interested in occultism and magic, and owns a huge library of books about magic in the Royal Palace, located in the Mirror Chamber.  
"Please, stop. What are you doing with my power? I can't stand this anymore. I need to escape, I'm getting weaker" a soft voice sobbed inside his head. He didn't care.



Ivar is maybe the richest person in Moskova, and his vestuary is a visible proof of it. His most commonly seen outfit is composed by a long yellow tunic, decorated with intrincated orange designs and stitched gems, that make the outfit heavier and more ostentious. This tunic also has fur attached to it.

Regarding his shoes, Ivar usually wears winter boots or armor boots. About his head, he usually wears The Solar Crown, which is a gold crown that's considered a symbol of the country and its monarchy since centuries ago.

Magic and Powers

Despite the fact that Ivar makes an strict control over witchcraft, he is one of the most powerful creatures that live in Moskova. He knows how to use several magical devices and has lots of knowledge about witchcraft and magic so, he's able of using several types of spells.   He doesn't use magic for conquering campaigns but he uses it against specific enemies like for example Aliosha and Dylara. One of the magical artifacts he uses during the novel is the Ottenok Mirror, a magical mirror which can be used for seeing what's happening in a place far away (kinda similar to a crystal ball) and magical crystals that amplify its effect.   The source of his magic is the sapphire necklace he wears everytime.
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The Dark Army...and demons

Main article: The Dark Army

Ivar created the Dark Army as a personal guard that increased its powered year by year until turning into a paramilita responsible of most of the repression in the Kingdom. The Dark Army's peak was when Mikhai Varizoniev Rankash became its Sargeant.   But the dark army is not the only weapon Ivar has. He also can control some Demons (many of them are part of the Dark Army as well).





Ivarosovic Grosnik

Mentor (Vital)

Towards Mikhai Varizoniev Rankash



Mikhai Varizoniev Rankash

Apprentice (Vital)

Towards Ivarosovic Grosnik



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Chaotic Evil
Around 40-50
Circumstances of Birth
Born as part of the Grosnik Dynasty
Current Residence
Amber- Golden, glowing.
Long, messy, black. Long black beard
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
120 kg
Aligned Organization
Known Languages
Shapphire collar by Pinterest
by Kremlin.ru
"Tell me now, who usurped my damn ham ?! I recommend that you speak now if you do not want to learn to fly through the window as your friends have done!"
— You may think twice before stealing Ivar's ham.
Dark Army's flag by Gege16

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