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Grosnik Dynasty

The Grosnik Dynasty is the first dynasty that have governed in Moskova
and is the current ruling linage during the novel. The actual origin of this ruling family is debated because it's surronded by legends. This dynasty had ruled over all the successive forms of organizations Moskova had since the founding of the Nodvragoda Republic.



It is believed that the surname "Grosnik" means "severe", "powerful" or  "strong". Those meanings are related to leadership and political power.

Public Agenda

Some of the priorities of this Dynasty and its head rank the Tsar of Moskova are the expansion of the governed territory, the preservation of Moskovar culture and economy and building trading relations and allies towards other surronding nations.


The origin of this family is surronded by several legends as its actual ethnic identity is still being disputed. The first member of the dynasty is the Prince Oleg Gronik, who's already a pretty controversial figure and at the same time is considered the founder of the entire country. Some people think he was from Norsen, a country that shares borders with Northwest Moskova. He and his tribe went to Nodvragoda (first mentioned in 850) by the year 862 and stablished the Republic of Nodvragoda, which was the first Moskovar states. Oleg Grosnik' s existence is considered a myth by some people but his reign got an important cultural impact. In those times the members of the court used to be chosen democratically and it was like that during the reign of the following monarchs until the Invasions of the Peoples from the East. The city of Nodvragoda started to be considered the capital of the principality and the official basement of the monarchy in 903. In the year 990, the current Prince of that time, Vasili I Grosnik commissioned the creation of The Solar Crown as official crown for the Great Prince and it became a symbol of the monarchy, the country and even the dynasty itself.   During the Invasion of the Peoples from the East, the city of Nodvragoda alongside many others got attacked by the invader tribes and the successor prince Boris (who was a young child) got provisional housing in Ulán Shang Kov for keeping himself and the monarchy safe. After the unilateral proclamation of Ulan Shang Kov as the capital of the country in detriment of Nodvragoda (which had lost almost all its power during the invasion and the following 15 years of political chaos), this city turned into the new residence of the monarchy and many of the most important members of the dynasty moved there.   The rank of all the members of the Dynasty from its beginnings was Great Prince of Moskova, but it changed in 1358 by the the coronation of Ivar IV Grosnik.

Величие, Мужество, Святость ( Pronounciation: Velichiye, Muzhestvo, Svyatost' English: Greatness, Courage, Holiness)

Circa 862 - 1367

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Cover image: Sunrise at Sentinel Mountains by Gege16
Character flag image: Grosnik Dynasty Emblem by Gege16

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