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Royal Palace

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The Royal Palace is the official residence of the Tsar of Moskova and other members of the Monarchy such as some Courtmen, Royal Guards and staff that serves the Monarchy such as servants, chefs and more. It is located within Ulan Shang Kov's Kremlin's walls and has good views of the Ulan River.   It is the most important building in Ulán Shang Kov, and one of the most important ones of Moskova since it is considered a physical representation of its goverment.



The palace has an ecclectical style which is recognized as unique in the world, however, several features of it are actually conmon traits from Moskovar traditional architecture, which indeeds combine eastern and western features.   The South wing of the Palace is a five story-building which features several towers of different heights crowned by golden onion domes, as well as flat roofs. The windows are arched and are covered by colorful stained glass that paints the inner rooms in color lights.   In the other hand, the North Face of the Royal Palace has an style more influenced by western style so it has more stylized features, as it rises in high, pointy towers.   Both sides of the Palace look like if they had nothing in common, so people tend to mistake them with two completely different and independient buildings. In some sense is true, since the Western styled side is newer than the traditional, but them are connected and their inner decoration is exactly the same.  


The Guests Ball Room
The Guests' Ball Room, also known as Golden Room or Three Thrones Room is famous thanks to it decoration which mainly follows the color scheme "golden-white" as the doors and walls have ornaments made of gold. The room also possesses big chandeliers with gems. In the background it is possible to see three thrones, and the central one is used by the Tsar of Moskova. This chamber is mostly used during parties and important events that involve the attendance of foreign authorities.
Speaking of the interiors, most of the palace walls are painted in red, although some rooms ahave mosaics or frescoses on their walls. Shields, torches and paints are some items that commonly hang on the Palace's halls. Many rooms follow different asethetics, but all the rooms of the palace are ostentous in some excepmt but the throne room and the Guests' Ball Room are some of the most exuberant ones.  
Main Throne Room
Regarding the main throne room, it has a more traditional and Eastern style compared to the Three Thrones Room. The walls painted in crimsom color and decorated with intricated golden designs, while the ceiling is covered in frescoses while chandeliers . Red and golden are the main colors present in this room. The Eagle Throne is made of gold and has red velvet pillows. It is located in a higher level than the rest of the room, as it is located up a platform, connected to the floor by a ladder. A big and long rug decorates the floor and leads to the throne, and it is flanked by two golden lion statues.


  The Palace and other important buildings from Ulán Shang Kov's core are guarded by the Kremlin, a fortress of stones and terracota which is considered an icon of the city and the country itself. It has 10 towers:
  • Water Tower.
  • Southern Tower.
  • North Tower
  • Silence Tower
  • City's Savior Tower
  • Eastern Tower
  • Sun Tower
  • Boris the II's Tower
  • Pine Groove Tower
by Apollinary Vasnetsov


The Palace is located within the Kremlin which is indeed located in a very crowded region of the city. This area is known as a touristical hotspot for Moskovar citizens, but also for people around the world, as is filled with lots of iconic building monuments and the Central Market, close to the Ulan River and very traditional inns such as the Red Lion Inn.
by Apollinary Vasnetzov
Founding Date
Modern version: Circa eleventh century
Alternative Names
Shangkovian Pearl, The House of Madness, Eagle's Head, Pigsty of Corrupts
Parent Location
Ruling/Owning Rank
Owning Organization
Important residents
Ivarosovic Grosnik, Mikhai Rankash, Ugor Yusupov, Volk Borisov.  

The palace's secret rooms

Among the well known rooms such as the Ball Room and the private ones like the Ivarosovic's and Mikhai's respective rooms, the palace also has several secret passageways and many hidden chambers and small rooms.   One of those rooms is the Mirror Chamber where Ivarosovic Grosnik goes for using the Prizrak Mirror and crafting his spells in order to spy, control and destroy his enemies. The Mirror chamber is small, dark and messy. The entry is hidden behind a painting of Moskova's coat of arms, which is hanging on the wall of the hallaway that leads to the Main Throne Room.    
by Photo by Drigo Diniz from Pexels

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