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The Solar Crown

The Solar Crown (Солнечная Корона),Golden halo or simply Moskovar Crown is the crown worn by the Tsar of Moskova and it is the most valuable of the Monarchy's possessions. There is just one of these crowns known in the world and is the same that has been worn officially by all the Princes and later,the Tsars or Moskova. The rarity of this piece makes it a true relic of the Kingdom and its royalty. There are other crowns (smaller and lesser luxurious) that have been used before this one,but them were not official and not them all remained well conserved until our times.  

Tsar Ivar wearing the Solar Crown

Apearance and materials

This crown got a semicircular shape,resembling the sun rising from the horizon. It is golden. The main head piece is made of gold,as the panels that are attached to it. The inner of the crown is covered in velvet and fur for making it comfortable to wear.The small coat that's attached on its front and resembles the country 's coat of arms is made of a single emerald, while the head,wings and legs are made of gold. The gold used for this crown is very pure,depending of the part,it is around 20-23 carats. Its design looks pretty curious for foreigners since it is not the most usual one people point out when imagining a crown or at least,is not common among the surrounding countries. However,the most similar crown from another nations can be found in Hua Kitay (with which Moskova shares its southern border) and Aztlan,kingdom with which Moskova got commercial ties despite being in another continent,but these similarities seem to be a case of a convergence as none of the designers of each crown have meet in their lives.  


  The crown was commissioned to the jewel maker Vladimir Nuskenov by the prince Vasily Grosnik of Nodvragoda during the year 990 in an intend of having a single official crown that could represent the principality (later,Empire) of Moskova. As he and previous princes used several small crowns but none was found as a real symbol for the country. It Is said that Vladimir was chosen among 30 jewel makers of the court because he saw his design in a dream and had the fame of making very durable products in a short time. It's making took around 5 weeks and got the blessing of the Sun (Солнце/Дажбог) before being worn by the first time by the prince. At first,the crown was just used to be worn during ceremonies, important events and such but by the passing of the years it started to be worn more frequently. During the Invasion of the Peoples from the East,it was feared to be stolen so it got protected into a box if vegetables and got taken outside the city by a cart of merchants,making it pass unnoticed. The crown was supposed to turn back to Nodvragoda after the raid over the city but the plan got changed as Ulán Shang Kov was thought as a safer provisional destination as the own kid of the prince (Boris) would get housing there. However, the invasion took 10 years and during that time,Ulan Shang Kov started to be seen untrustworthy as the city got to sign an agreement with the invaders in which the exchange was tribute for protection (instead of getting fully conquered )and more influence over the surrounding regions,so the people from Nodvragoda was fearing the crown to be sell to the invaders as part of this treat,as the treat itself was considered some sort of betrayal. During the following years,known as the Troubled Times (1040-1055) the central power of Nodvragoda disappeared as the other cities that were currently part of the principality got subdued. Meanwhile,Ulan Shang Kov was having a more relevant place in the political scene as the boyards from the city's parliament started to think that Boris Grosnik,who was already living there could be a good prince from this city instead of from Nodvragoda. When Vasily found this out he claimed the crown back to the principality's capital,but Ulan Shang Kov denied the petition,because the boyards proclaimed unilaterally their city (which was currently more powerful) as the new capital. Since then the crown is located in Ulan Shang Kov and all the following princes had worn it,until the rise of Ivar,who changed his nobility title to Tsar and worn the crown more time than any other governor,as he considered himself a divinity.


It got a very Important meaning for the Moskovar nation,because it is the symbol of the monarchy and one of the most recognized cultural symbols, as it's featured (stylized) in the central head of the eagle from Moskova's coat of arms. Its shape resembles the Sun's rays and the Sun is symbol of royalty,power and light. The sun also used to be one of the main divinities of Moskovar mythology so,the shape of the crown is also an indicator of the divinity of the Tsar.

Coat of arms of the Kingdom of Moskova
Item type
Jewelry / Valuable
Current Location
Owning Organization
Just one known
1.50 kg
Raw materials & Components

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Cover image: Sunrise at Sentinel Mountains by Gege16


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