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Moskovar people, also known as Moskovian people is one of the many cultures that inhabit the Kingdom of Moskova. They are the most numerous ethinic group in the Western region of the country, specially in the Capital. They are a community settled mainly in the steppes, the plains and forests, and rarer up in the mountains.   This ethnicity is widely known around the world due to the architecture of their cities, their cousine, their traditions and the country itself.

Naming Traditions

Family names

Just like in Kozzakhi and other related groups, Moskovar surnames got two variants, a Male and a Female one. Surnames usually have a root word, usually related to a place, profession or animal, and a suffix.
Termination Examples
-ov/-ova (-ов/-ова) Ivanov/va, Kuznetsov/va
-ky/kaya (-кй/-каия) Borinsky/kayia
-in/ina (-ин/ина) Yelstin/na, Nikitin/na

Other names

As other cultures in Moskova, instead of pickable middle names, Moskovar got patronyms, which means they are a variant of the name of the person's father and have a Male and a Female variant. The suffix used for patronyms varies in several regions. For example, in regions surronding Ulán Shang Kov and the Western border one of the most used termintions is -vich/-ievna while in Nodvragoda and in places at the East of the capital is common to find patronyms finished in -ev/-eevna, similar to the ones used by Kozzakhi.  


Art & Architecture


Moskovar architecture is one of the trademarks of this culture and Moskova itself. The most used materials are wood, whitestone, and terracotta among others. In big cities that have an extensive trading exchange also imported marble can be found as building material. Regarding architectural style, one of the most recognizable features are onion dome roofs.


Dubhe bewitched by Alchnos't by Geraldine Escriva (Gege16)
Moskovar art has a very wide diversity of expressions that show the influence of lots of surroundings cultures. Some widely known expressions of Moskovar art are pottery, clothing, drawings, book illustrations, blade blacksmithing and jewelry. Some recurrent themes used in art are nature, important rituals, fairy tales, the life of monarchs, magical creatures, the afterlife and everyday situations. Regarding style, in illustrations is common to find stylization of the portrayed object of creature as well as bright colors and the usage of geometrical patterns as a companion of the main design. Both local and imported pigments are used.


Some Moskovar exports that are recognized worldwide are textile and hunting products such as rugs, coats, furry boots, and furry hats. These crafts are known not just due to their quality but also due to their beauty.
Most clothes such as shirts, coats and trousers are made of materials like wool, linen and cotton. Hats and boots in contrast, are usually made of wool and fur of animals like foxes, bears or deers. The most common designs used in clothing and rugs are geometrical patterns, nature related designs and a combination of both. The most used colors are red, yellow, white, green and black. Many regions got their distinctive patterns so it is easy to know where a coat or a rug was manufactured by looking at its patchwork.   Asides common rugs, in Moskova magical rugs can be found as well, and they are pretty coveted not just by foreigners but also by natives as well. The power that all magical rugs have is flying, but there's been records of rare rugs that can make themselves and their rider invisible as well besides flying. A place which is known worldwide thanks to its rugs is the capital of the Empire, Ulán Shang Kov, and its large market offers a big variety of them.  
The Magical Carpet by Viktor Vasnetzov
by Gege16
by Voice of central Asia.
Traditional clothing pattern by Gege16

Flag of Moskova by Gege16 through FakeFlah & PicsArt
Diverged ethnicities
Encompassed species
Related Items
Languages spoken

Moskova's map

Political Divisions of Moskova
The Kingdom of Moskova is divided in several administrative units.
  • Provinces: Locally known as "Oblasts".
  • Territories: They have the same political status as provinces but the difference is that them were more recently acquired.
  • Northern Lands and Domains: These are also called "Wild Lands" and are territories that are claimed by Moskova but couldn't get an official status yet because their population and amount of settlements is small or because them are mostly unexplored due to their natural and supernatural dangers. Each domain is gets its name thanks to it most recognizable or most common animal species.

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