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Violet Vipers

The Violet Vipers are part of the Dwarven Military, and are one of the ten Dwarven Squads.  

Military Power

The Violet Vipers have immense power as one of the Dwarven Squads. Each Squad is considered equal to an entire world army, though the Violet Vipers are considered the weakest among them.   This is, in part, due to their laziness. The Violet Vipers would rather drink wine than fight, and this reflects in the view of them. Many people join the Vipers to live these luxurious lives, and soldiers often aspire to become a Violet Viper rather than something like a Black Boar or Green Ghost. However, it is also because unlike squads like the Black Boars or the Silver Angels, they do not rely on fighting power as their main method of fighting.
Grammir by Jarhed
  Instead, the Violet Vipers are alchemists who fight with poisons and potions. Foes of the Violet Vipers may win the battles they go into with the Vipers, but of those victors, few survive the next week as they get picked off by the poison flowing through their veins.  


Of course, another great asset the Violet Vipers have is something that all Dwarven Squads have. Their Dwarven General. Dwarven Generals are some of the strongest individual soldiers in the world, and are able to take on some armies single-handedly, so the Vipers having one only makes them stronger.   The current General of the Violet Vipers is Grammir, famous for what happened at his The Hjiffnz E Ceremony, Grammir has since made a name for himself as a powerful General and one of the foremost alchemists in the world. After the Chief Crisis resulted in his main rival's death, he is considered the greatest Alchemist in the world. With his strength and wit, the Violet Vipers are a formidable force that few dare to challenge.


The home city of the Violet Vipers, it is the duty of the Vipers to protect the city and its inhabitants. These inhabitants are rich Dwarves who live a life of luxury, and the city of Gansernfeld itself is known as the most decadent of the Dwarven settlements. Gansernfeld is also right on the western border of Dwarven territory, which is the most peaceful border, and thusly is rarely in any danger.   Gansernfeld's main export is wine, as it is filled with various fruits that grow only there and make delicious wine. Dwarves that don't live in Gansernfeld often call Gansernfeld Dwarves (especially the nobles) "Fruit Beards" for drinking wine rather than harder liquors like beer, ale, or whiskey.   The Violet Vipers are known to shirk their responsibilities to instead go to high-class parties with the ones they should be protecting and drink wine with them.   Gansernfeld is also known to produce poisons, much more potent than poisons made almost anywhere else (the Draconian village Tamd being one of the few exceptions). It is home to many alchemists, who make both poisons and magically enhanced wines.


The Violet Vipers are not one of the larger squads, but they still hold about one thousand soldiers. The individuals in the Violet Vipers are more suited to strategy than combat, though, so they are not very strong.  


The Violet Vipers are, as most squads, outfitted with weapons and armor from the Golden Automatons squad of the Dwarven army. These are some of the most finely crafted weapons in existence, made specifically for each soldier. Golden Automatons soldiers are even sent out to live with the different squads, which means that the Violet Vipers have a couple non-squad members with them to maintain their weapons and armor.
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The Violet Vipers have begun to buy hot air balloons from Vreslo, who gives them to the Vipers for a discounted price as long as the Vipers guard their CEO, Schmeelon Cunkuck.  


The Violet Vipers are one of the more expensive squads for the Dwarven government, as they live gaudy lifestyles and require much more luxury than the other squads. Each soldier in the Vipers is paid a large sum for their salaries, sometimes even on par with the salaries of the less expensive Generals.  


Recruits of the Dwarven Army often want to join the Violet Vipers, as they know they will get to sit around in the most luxurious lifestyle with little to do. They have a strict process for determining which recruits they pick though. At the ceremony where all recruits go in front of the Generals to be selected, showing off what they can do, the Violet Viper General tests... whether he would enjoy partying with the recruits. If they pass, they are offered a position in the Vipers. If not, they are banned from entering Gansernfeld and sent to another squad (if no other squad wants them, they are put in the Black Boars as cannon fodder).   Those that are recruited into the Violet Vipers are then put under a strict party regiment for their first week in the squad, where they must drink with all of the major Nobles of Gansernfeld, with a different group of nobles each night. The final night, they drink with Grammir. Grammir tells them if any of the nobles want them to be their bodyguard, and offers them the position if the Nobles ask. This is called Welcome Week.  


The Violet Vipers have the unique honor among Dwarven squads of being bodyguards. While generally, the squad simply guards Gansernfeld, there are also divisions of it with more specific goals. Small groups of soldiers are assigned to guard figures of note in Gansernfeld and surrounding areas, like Schmeelon Cunkuck or the mayor of Gansernfeld.   The people assigned to these jobs have a much higher mortality rate than those not given bodyguard duty, mostly because they are much more often in the line of fire. Some of the Dwarven nobles that have bodyguards even intentionally put them in the line of fire as a test, and they do not always pass that test.

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