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The Hjiffnz E Ceremony

The Hjiffnz E Ceremony is also known as simply the Growing In Ceremony, and is an important ceremony for the Dwarves.  

Beard Culture

In Dwarven society, Beards are everything. Dwarves that don't have Beards are ostracized and often exiled. Even women have Beards, albeit many Dwarven women try and keep their beards shorter so they are not very noticeable. This is to keep with the beauty standards of the surrounding Elven and Human cultures, as Dwarven beauty standards are very favorable to the Beard.   Beards are an essential part of the Dwarven family structure, as Dwarves often match at least general stylistic choices with their family's beards. The Dwarven family unit is the most important thing in their society, so not fitting into it is the major cause of exile for non-bearded Dwarves.
Melthrum by Jarhed
  Children are often exempt from the exile rules for Beards, though this is only the case until they reach the age where they should begin to have their Hjiffnz E Ceremony. If, by that point, the child has not grown a Beard, they are either tossed out or resented by the parents until they leave.   Beards are incredibly customizable, and in recent history, the definition of a Beard has even changed in Dwarven society to any facial hair. This was thanks to the work of a Dwarven General known as Melthrum, who did not want a full beard.

Hadur by Jarhed

Hadur is the Dwarven God of Family, Creation, and Community. He is often depicted with a large Beard and full armor, and for this, many Dwarves wish to replicate this look or at least the general aesthetic. His style of Beard is most common in Dwarven society, with the length and knots carefully memorized by all hairstylists in Dwarven territory.

The Ceremony

Schmeelon Cunkuck by andreaspsillos4
Hjiffnz E is a ceremony meant to represent a Dwarven child growing into their role as a Dwarf, thus why the ceremony is named the "Growing In" as this is also when their beard is growing in.   Taking place at some point in a young Dwarves life from when they are nineteen up until when they are thirty, the Hjiffnz E is when a Dwarf is finally told the name of their family. Dwarven family names are important, and people outside of a family are not allowed to know the name of that family. This is because the family name is what binds them together, and knowing it is what brings you in (some famous Dwarven families and figures ignore this for the more Human custom of publicizing the last name, which makes them popular with young Dwarves who want an identity and family to belong with. This is crucial in Dwarven celebrity culture, as it brings legions of young exploitable fans to a celebrity, an example of this being Schmeelon Cunkuck).   The ceremony begins with the father of the young Dwarf (or a Priest of Hadur if the father is unavailable for any reason) standing at an altar. The young Dwarf walks to the altar, and the father must yank as hard as possible on the young Dwarven Beard to ensure that it is not fake.   Once it is proven, the young Dwarf pulls at the father's Beard. The two pull at each other's Beards until one of them laughs. The one that laughs is then designated the Last to Drink.   The two Dwarves then light a row of scented candles, each one paying respect to Hadur. There is one for each of Hadur's domains (family, community, creation), but also one for the household, the future, and the army. Once these candles are lit, the Dwarves must recite a passage from Hadur's Holy Text from memory. There is no penalty in failing, as a Priest will normally be present to fill in any gaps or help the young Dwarf if they stumble.  
Grammir by Jarhed
Finally, the father whispers the family name into their child's ears, ushering them into their family. This ends the main ceremony. However, it is not the end of the night.  

The Afterparty

All people present for the ceremony will then hit up the closest bar. The Last to Drink is responsible for paying for all of the drinks, and is not allowed to drink until at least everyone else has finished their second drink.   Alcoholic beverages are not only common, but are mandatory for all in attendance. This includes children, as Dwarves are horribly irresponsible with who is allowed to drink, though for the young Dwarf that just had their Hjiffnz E, this is said to be their "first drink in the eyes of Hadur."  


The ceremony does not always go well, most notably for those that wear fake Beards.   Fake Beards are ripped off at the ceremony, and often the one wearing it will be swarmed by surrounding Dwarves and beaten for mocking such a holy ceremony and mocking Hadur's honor.   A notable example of this is the Hjiffnz E Ceremony of the man who would become the General of the Violet Vipers, Grammir. His father was revealed to have a fake Beard when Grammir did the pulling back and yanked his father's beard off. Grammir's father claimed that he had been experiencing male pattern baldness and his beard was losing its strength, so he shaved it off and replaced it. Grammir did not care, and refused to accept his father's family name, making a new one for himself in that moment.   This is common in cases where the father is wearing a fake Beard. If the child is, then they are disowned by the family and never told the family name. These are rare occurrences, as Dwarves are normally able to grow a Beard. If a Dwarf is unable to grow one, it is most likely due to being born with a Mutation known as Hadur's Curse.

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