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Weave Stain

Weave Staining is a condition that many affects many Draconians, Elves, Devils, Humans, Genies, as well as those born with the blood of any of those species. Officially, only those people can be "Weave Stained" but similar genetic anomalies appear in other species, and Weave Staining is considered only a basic definition that could apply to anyone.  


Weave Staining is generally defined as the Weave, which is the origin of all Magic in Totania, affecting the body of a child at birth. The condition itself is not inherently bad, but the stigmatization of it has made most Weave Stained people the subject of ridicule, hatred, and even threats of death.   This only affects the races with powerful connections to the Weave, who have the ability to access it through immense study. Once it does, the effect differs per person. Some known Weave Stainings include:
  • Heterochromia: Having multi-colored eyes- Lorakaen Darelor (Half-Elf), Ildid Tilrak (Draconian), Ram Rodraz (Human)
  • Liquification: The body of the person turning into a liquid state, normally only affecting Jinn children of Humans and Genies- Ogonn Ha (Fire Jinn)
  • Hadur's Damnation: Half-Dwarves being born without the ability to grow a beard- Grygram Cunkuck (Half-Dwarf)
  • Self-Magification: Draconians, who are normally born with resistance to their natural magic type, are instead harmed by their own magic- Veambind Feldastel (Draconian)
  • Dracones: Draconians being born with a scary-looking Dragon face- Tarthekar Padorim (Draconian), Ilxar Nimphonker (Draconian), Coldrid Saxan (Draconian)
  • Channeling Issues: Finding it difficult, or even impossible, to channel magic without the use of magical items like wands and staffs which are normally unnecessary- Kualmandac Hiziros (Draconian)
  • Differing Size: Being born abnormally large or abnormally short for one's race, sometimes to the point where a Human may appear to be a Dwarf, or a Half-Elf could look like a Half-Giant.
  • Much More: These are only known, common examples. There are many more things that Weave Staining can do to a child, which stays with them their whole life.


Grygram Cunkuck by Jarhed
There is fear surrounding the idea of Weave Staining among many cultures in the world. Things like heterochromia and differing sizes may make someone the subject of bullying, but it is not feared or hated on a societal level.  

Hadur's Damnation

The same cannot be said for Hadur's Damnation, which holds the name because of the hatred Dwarves have for those that carry this Weave Stain. Hadur is the God of the Dwarves, and is often depicted with a giant red beard. In Dwarven society, beards are very important. Even Dwarven women are often known to have beards, though many attempt to make them smaller to adhere to the traditional beauty standards of surrounding cultures like Humans and Elves.   Half-Dwarves, however, have a high chance of being born without the ability to grow this facial hair common for Dwarves. The high chance of Half-Bloods being born with Weave Staining is believed to be artificially raised by Half-Dwarves, who are heavily likely to be born with Weave Stain.   Half-Dwarves are, like many Half-Bloods, already disliked for having the blood of a race that the Dwarves are not very friendly with. Yet the beard is very big for the family unit, as many families of Dwarves try to have matching beards or keep a similar style. Thusly, Half-Dwarves are removed from the family unit and, therefore, ostracized from society.  

The War Machine of Soup

Ogonn by Jarhed
Likely the most unique among the Weave Stained is Ogonn Ha, a Fire Jinn. As the child of a Human and a Fire Genie, Ogonn's body was fiery from birth. Yet what was strange was it was not, like most bodies should be, fully solid. Instead, he was born almost entirely as a liquid.   He was found by a Dwarven General known for creating armor and weapons, Harbek, who took Ogonn in and tried to create a way for Ogonn to survive, as his body was not made for Totanian air or ground. So the liquid was placed into a suit of armor to allow for free (albeit limited) movement. In this armor, Ogonn was turned into a weapon of war.   But he was not just a war machine. He was a man who found that his liquid body was not just harmful, but was also tasty. He was able to cook himself into soup, which he grew a fondness for.
Lorakaen Darelor by Yumedatchi


Weave Staining is common in four races, as well as those that share ancestry with those races. The odds of a child being born with Weave Staining varies depending on the race. The chances are as follows:
Humans 20%
Elves 25%
Devils 30%
Draconians 40%
Half-Bloods 60%
The increased rate in Half-Bloods such as Half-Elves, Half-Dwarves, or Half-Orcs is especially prominent due to their mixed blood. It is believed that when Human blood is mixed in the connection to the weave is more open, but it can have effects on the child if other blood is added in.   These increased rates for Half-Bloods only further increases the reason many look down on them. They are different, and therefore scary. One is, sadly, more likely to see a Draconian with Weave Staining though due to low Half-Blood birthrates and even lower chances of survival.

Salasar and Shinebright by Jarhed

Weave Stained people are not only hated. There are many in the world that try to keep the Weave Stained safe, most notably are many that hold the title of Grand Wizard, such as the current Grand Wizard Salasar Feaphed. He keeps them safe and tries to create a future where they are not discriminated against.   A student at the Magic College is also working towards creating a society where Weave Stained, as well as Half-Bloods, can be safe without having to worry about those that discriminate against them. This is a Half-Elf named Finethir Shinebright.
Ogonn used this Weave Stain for two great purposes. For one, he used it to help his adoptive father in battles with this machine that could spew out the hot liquid that makes up his body. For another, he was able to make delicious soups for himself, his army, and for his friends. Ogonn represented, in many ways, how Weave Staining can be something that may seem detrimental, but can actually enhance ones life, or at least make them no different from others.

Cover image: Stained by Jarhed


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If he was fiery from birth, I'm assuming the genie was the mother, or that's going to be bad news!   Very cool - I like all the different ways the various societies view and approach the condition. It really helps anchor them into the setting :D

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I hate to say, it's pretty bad news :(   His mom was the human, but she did not die in childbirth due to the genie father granting her a temporary immunity to fire so she could survive in his realm. (Whether he let her live after Ogonn was born is a different story...)   But thank you! I always like to show different views of things rather than just one group of people.

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