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"The Kimcharin are the elite protectors of the people, who work directly under the Lith of their specific Domain. This means that, similar to the Lith's 13, there are 13 units of Kimchamen. "Superintendent" is the preferred translation for the title of Kimcharin-- its direct meaning is Wing-Person, and its title is given to the highest-ranking officer of the Lith's military unit."
---The Lithocracy Handbook, penned by the Legendary Hero Zimraka



A Kimcharin unit is, surprisingly enough, 13 individuals or less. This number varies depending on the Lith: some require the full 13, others require far less, and even some only have a single Kimcharin as the full unit. It is thought to be bad luck to have more than 13 individuals in a single unit, as the Great Zimraka watches under the number.

Although the numbers are low, the Kimcharin is in control of all lower-ranking units once the Lith gives them the general directives. The Daemonic way, after all, prefers full efficiency over large numbers.


Siren are only allowed to have one weapon, and one weapon only: their talons, which are engraved once they have completed all the necessary training, or if they lack talons, the curved blade that their Toku Kaliben master gave them. This also extends to the Kimcharin, though some sport a lance emblazoned with their Lith's crest. This lance is mostly decorative, like a flag, but allows the unit to attack if needs be.


When it comes to training to become a Kimcharin, a full ten years is what many Siren claim. Training for any position in Daemonic society is both tedious and arduous; when it comes to Daemonic military-- especially those under direct order of a Lith-- both body and mind must be honed to its sharpest point.

Standard training procedures include years upon years of history lessons, spanning as far back as before The Great War, to grow critical thinking and analyzing skills through the dissection, discussion, and speculation on what made the ancient Daemon especially ruthless in battle. Those who could not handle these mental tasks were never selected as Kimcharin, but do sometimes serve directly underneath the Kimcharin.

In between history lessons, physical training was mandatory for all individuals. This included endurance flying, precision flying, and aerial combat. Siren don't typically fight with held weapons, so those not trained in Toku Kaliben are taught the art, and those who know it hone their craft even further.



The position of Kimcharin is reserved only for The Si'rin: the Origin-Name Lith decided that all military duties should be given to The Siren, since The Kin'ra took positions of Lith and wanted to prevent any onset of nepotism.

The qualifications necessary to be promoted to this rank are fairly simple: after completing all requisite training, and at least a year's service of guarding the perimeter of the Lith's abode, they must be personally chosen by their Lith after the previous Kimcharin either steps down from their position or dies.
Overall training Level
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