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Ivory Sword Company

The Ivory Sword Company is two hundred and fifty of the finest swordsmen in the Arcanian Hegimony, they are the personal bodyguard detachment for the Tetla Ak-rym. The training that they undergo goes beyond simple swordsmanship, to include firearms training, formation training to protect their charges, and even varying degrees of magical combat train to either counter magic or use magic to protect. They are equipped with the eponymous Ivory Blade a bastard sword, with a balance that emphasizes point control. Their armor is designed and enchanted to maximize mobility, to allow them to intercept their foe or take strike meant for those they protect. Each ivory blade also carries a shield that carries the unit blazon on the front. There is a backup lightweight mythril short sword mounted to the inside of the shield.



The company has two hundred and fifty active soldiers, with steward for each Ivory Swordsman, and support staff such as quartermasters, and cooks. in full deployment there is around a thousand men and women.


All members are equipped with a pistol and short swords, body armor, and shields. The Ivory Swords(the elite soldier bodyguards) are equipped with their eponymous blade, enchanted armor, shields, and their short swords are modified to be mythril.


The Ivory Sword Company is equipped with armored personelle carriers and support vehicles, though most of the time they operate out of up armored civilian vehicles as escorts for officials.


Duty shifts run for 10 hours a day, these shifts are rotating based on how much activity they are undertaking with their charges. When on down time or their days off, they are required to train personally for at least 2 hours and 2 more with their stewards.
Overall training Level
Assumed Veterancy

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